Chareidi Volunteer Treats Person Mid-Flight


Ephraim Feldman who serves as the Chapter Head of United Hatzalah in Bnei Brak spent his flight back from Eilat on Motzei Shabbos treating a young boy who fainted in the middle of the flight. The boy had been feeling ill on the flight that left Ramon airport north of Eilat and was heading to Ben Gurion. Only ten minutes into the flight the boy fainted from lack of oxygen.

The nervous flight crew asked if there was anyone with medical background on the flight and that is when Ephraim stood up and told the flight attendants that he is an EMT. He was brought to the child and given the medical kit from the plane. He began treating the child and after a short few minutes of treatment stabilized his condition.

The pilots asked permission from air traffic control to fly faster towards their destination alerting them and the ground crew to the emergency. They were granted permission and sped up the landing. As soon as the plane touched down a medical team was waiting to transport the now stable boy to the hospital for further care.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)