Myriad of Locations in New Birchas Ilonos Annual Misaskim Guide


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biThe month of Nisan is the time of year to recite the special brochoh on blossoming fruit trees. According to halacha, the brochoh is said on trees that are clearly blossoming such as showing white petals. As in the past, Misaskim, as a public service, published a guide to the halacha, the brochoh and locations in many communities throughout the country. It includes addresses throughout the Metropolitan area as well as 16 other states. The locations were submitted by people who have trees at their locations that fulfill the qualifications. While the brochoh can be made even if missed during the month of Nisan, it is preferred that it should be done this month. Halachic authorities also suggest that the special brochoh be made by women as well.

“The blossoming of fruit trees is a symbol of renewal and in our case where we deal with so many aveilim and cases of Meisei Mitzvah, it is important to emphasize the importance and beauty of life,” said a Misaskim official. The colorful guide is used by Jews throughout the country as they welcome in the season of Pesach, the Omer and Shavuos.

“After the long and harsh winter, it is a breath of fresh air to stand before a blossoming fruit tree and to thank the Ribono shel Olam for the splendor that it represents,” the Misaskim official added. During the winter, Misaskim provided furniture to more than 2,000 homes of shiva. In addition, volunteers of Misaskim were involved in a myriad of other activities, such as heading off autopsies and cremations, handling many meisei mitzvah, establishing new protocols for frum Jews with medical examiners, helping with security and other logistics for the asifas tefilah, and providing equipment to several large levayos.

In one of its latest efforts and in line with its community preparedness program, Misaskim recently upgraded its School Notification System which allows the administrations of yeshivas and Bais Yaakov schools to receive instant notification about events that affect their school. This might include weather, traffic or natural disaster information.


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