PHOTOS: ‘Interstate Chaverim’ Hold National Conference


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Great things happen when Chesed and Achdus merge with innovation!

Last night, Chaverim coordinators from almost all Chaverim branches gathered at a national Chaverim conference to discuss issues that crop up on daily basis in the headquarters of this special organization.

The conference was organized by ‘Interstate Chaverim’, which currently includes hundreds of volunteers hailing from more than twenty existing Chaverim branches.

Interstate Chaverim takes the fountains of experience, wellsprings of dedication, and the sheer number of volunteers from existing Chaverim organizations and channels these resources to create a solution for those calls that occur in places that are not covered or are located between an existing Chaverim organization.

Close to three thousand stranded individuals have been helped through Interstate Chaverim’s system. The calls range from places as far as Arizona and the Lake Ontario to as mundane as the interstate highway. Hashgacha is so readily evident when one of our almost five hundred volunteers ‘happens’ to be close by.

If you find yourself stranded on the road, chas ve’shalom don’t hesitate to call your local Chaverim branch, and they will connect you to Interstate.

The Conference took place at the Best Western Robert Treat Hotel in Newark NJ, and was attended by coordinators from the following Chaverim Organizations: Interstate chaverim, Brooklyn, Jersey Shore/Deal, Five Towns, Kiryas Joel, Lakewood, Montreal/Tosh, New Square, Newark, Passaic, Queens, Rockland, Cherry Hill, Newburgh, Seagate, Teaneck, and Union County, Union City. Chaverim coordinators of Cleveland, Baltimore, and Chicago joined via live hookup.
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  1. A truly great organization. And they don’t look for kovod. Just one Jew doing a chessed for another. They’re an inspiration to me.