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Obama Claims Delegate Lead Over Hillary

In a surprise twist after a chaotic Super Tuesday, Barack Obama passed Hillary Clinton in network tallies of the number of delegates the candidates racked up last night.

Clinton was portrayed in many news accounts as the night’s big winner, but Obama’s campaign says he wound up with a higher total where it really counts — the delegates who will choose the party’s nominee at this summer’s Democratic convention.

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  1. It usually takes a while for a bad leader to muster up enough chutzpah to do things that are harmful for the community. It’s when they become comfortable and overconfident enough that that usually happens.

    Hillary is already there. Her unmitigated chutzpah and brashness almost has no peer. After the dirtiest presidential term in the White House in our nation’s history (and she definitely has a lot of responsibility for his moral wrongdoings), instead of burying themselves in shame, she & her husband catapulted right out of the White House to embark onto world leadership. She selfishly wrested the NYS senate seat, and unfortunately luck was on her side as Rudy Giuliani had to leave in mmiddle of the race because of health & personal issues. Now she is greedily after the presidency, which she & her menuvel husband need in order to cover up their unrivaled indecency.

    How could a noble community like ours show any sympathy toward these low-lives?

    Meanwhile, Barak is still young & new, and it would still take a while until he gets as comfortable as the Clintons. Anyway, Barak being the Democratic candidate just is more of an assurance for a Republican win, which no doubt will be better for the world as a whole & for Klal Yisroel bifrat.

  2. if either one of the democratic candidates win
    I see no choice but John Mcain
    v’liyerushalyim ircha berachamim tashuv

  3. re:DaasTorahWtchdg
    In what way is a republican win better , for the world or klal yisroel? Something was better the past 8 years? What a childish remark – that hillary is selfish – which person runs for office without wanting to win.Pure drivel.

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