CRC Kashrus Alerts 09/08


September 8, 2010 

By Rabbi Sholem Fishbane

Kashrus Administrator of the Chicago Rabbinical Council

Please be advised that Cedar Breadcrumbs product of Phoenicia Products Inc bears an unauthorized MK. This product is not kosher and should not be used. This product has been recalled.

EXOTIC GLO DELICIOUS MANGO 100% PURE JUICE BLEND, 1 Litre with best before date code 2012JL08 bears an unauthorized COR 344. This product contains non-kosher white grape juice and is not kosher. EXOTIC GLO DELICIOUS PEACH MANGO 100% PURE JUICE BLEND, 1 Litre with best before date code 2012JL08 was produced on non-kosher equipment and bears an unauthorized COR 344. This product is not kosher.

The following new Slurpee flavors will be in stores during the next few months and are kosher – pareve: Wicked Apple Freeze, Fanta Apple, 5 React (aka Fanta Pomegranate Passion Fruit), Sierra Mist Ruby

The Rabbis of Chabad of the Conejo regret to inform you that effective immediately, Falafel Grill in Agoura Hills, LA will no longer be a Kosher establishment. The owner has always been in good standing and respectful of all Kosher laws. His business decision does not reflect the standards of the Kashrut of this establishment prior to this announcement.  This would be the appropriate time to encourage everyone to support your remaining local kosher establishments so that they can remain in business.

The Galil Restaurant – 1252 Lexington Ave. New York, NY is now under the hashgacha of the Vaad Hakashrus of Flatbush. 

Please note that Seagram’s Raspberry Ginger Ale is kosher/pareve. Additionally, Sunkist has recently introduced a new soda, Solar Fusion. It is kosher/pareve and is listed on the cRc website as approved.  

10 oz. packages of “Solid Milk Chocolate Gator and Gummi Gators” made by

Anastasia Confections in Orlando, Florida, mistakenly bears a Florida K kosher

symbol. The Chocolate Gator is Kosher Dairy (Cholov Stam).The Gummi Bears are not kosher (they contain gelatin). Corrective action has been taken for all future packaging. Please Note: The shelf life for this product is 1 year. 

During the Aseres Yemai Teshuva, many attempt to be more observant in keeping Pas Yisroel. To view a list of all cRc Pas Yisroel and Yoshon products and facilities, click

To view an informative article on Pas Yisroel written by Rabbi Dovid Cohen, Administrative Rabbinical Coordinator, click reports that Pita Plus of College Park, MD has been sold and is no longer under hashgacha. It has been dropped from the Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington website at

Effective August 30, 2010, “Aventura Pita” 18129 Biscayne Blvd., Aventura, FL is no longer under Kosher Miami supervision.

The Bread Basket has advertised various locations as having a selection of kosher meat products available. These stores are not under Johannesburg Beth Din supervision and they take no responsibility for the kashrus of the stores or their products.

Recently it has been discovered that red/purple cabbage may be infested with small white bugs. The insects might not be noticed during a casual check of the cabbage, but if the leaves are removed from the head and checked carefully (before the leaves are washed), the bugs can easily be seen standing or crawling on the inside of the leaves.  
The insects have been found in cabbage checked in New York, Baltimore, and Chicago, but the exact extent of the infestation or the reason for its sudden appearance is not yet understood. The Chicago Rabbinical Council therefore recommend that until further notice one should only used red/purple cabbage in one of the following two ways: 1) It is purchased pre-washed and pre-shredded (i.e. bagged cabbage). 2) The leaves are removed from the head and each leaf is rinsed thoroughly under a stream of water.

Plains Dairy French Onion Dip mistakenly bears a Scroll K (Vaad of Denver) symbol. This product is NOT kosher certified and should NOT be used. This error is being corrected.

Please be advised that with immediate effect Restaurant El Morocco has sold the location situated at 3450 Drummond, Montreal, Quebec, H3G 1Y2 This location is no longer under MK supervision.

Please be advised that The DESI FOOD TRUCK (formerly owned by Green Tea), which stops in various locations in Manhattan has an unauthorized OK symbol on the side of the truck. OK Kosher Certification no longer certifies this truck. Any food sold by this is truck is NOT KOSHER. The unauthorized OK symbol is being removed. If you see the truck with the Ok symbol on it call the OK office at 718-756-7500              

Golden Grilled Eggplant (Golden Foods, Bensenville, IL) mistakenly bears an unauthorized OU symbol and is not kosher certified. Corrective measures are being taken.

Suntree Swiss Mix contains dairy ingredients as listed on the ingredient panel but the OU dairy designation has been inadvertently omitted. Packaging is being revised.

Kashrus Updates from Israel: 

Dr. Pepper sold in Israel with a Hebrew import label sporting a KLBD is not authorized by the LBD and is not under their supervision.  

Latest Israeli Chief Rabbinate Update on Insect-Free Greens:

Following is a translation of the latest update from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel pertaining to the various companies selling insect- free leafy greens. The results pertain to the level of insect infestation and the level of pesticides found on products.

It should also be noted the report does not make reference to frozen or prewashed vegetables. 

Regarding the following companies, it is preferable to wash in a soapy water solution and follow instructions on the package.

1. Glatt Alim Badatz

2. Chasalat Alei Katif

3. Yarok min HaTeva

4. Meitav HaYerek

5. Katif Haaretz HaTova

6. Birkat David

7. Alim Yerukim 

Regarding the following companies, one must soak them in soapy water prior to use.

1. Alei HaBesor (cited for high traces of pesticides)

2. Glatt Alim

3. Birkat Katif

4. Katif BaHar

5. YKM (Yerek Katif Mehadrin)

6. Alei HaSharon

7. Ra’ananim

8. Marina L’Mehadrim

9. Alei Bodek

10. Katif BaGolan

11. Meshek Cohen Mann 

Regarding the following companies, one must soak products in soapy water prior to use and inspect each leaf against the sunlight.

1. Yarok B’Kfar  (cited for high traces of pesticides)

2. Yarok MeHaKfar

3. Glatt Salad

4. Y. Yevulei Katif

5. Meshek Hillman

6. Yarok B’Midbar 

Regarding the following, the Chief Rabbinate has removed their kosher certification.

1. Aron Eliyahu

2. Yevulei HaNegev

3. Alei Mehudar

4. Faresco 

A sweet red wine bottled under the name Chavruta (barcode 290002850564) by the IG Company is labeled “Kosher mehadrin under the Haifa Rabbinate – Kosher for Passover, new bottle”. The Chaifa Rabbinate reports it does not grant kashrus certification for the wine, and the kashrut statement is fraudulent.The wine may not be used, it should immediately be removed from shelves, and mashgichim are urged to report seeing the wine being use or sold. 

Multiflex Protector imported by Supermedic Light (8 Fleeman Street, Haifa) is advertised as kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Avraham Hochwald of the Rhine and with the import approval of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.A probe reveals the item contains a quantity of mussel and as a result, does not have any import approval from the Chief Rabbinate. It is also learned that the same imported, Supermedic Light has other items which it advertises as kosher with import permission from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, a fraudulent statement. The item mentioned should be returned to the importer immediately. 

Yarok HaKfar celery of Meshek Kahanov, as well as parsley from the Oren Eliyahu Company of Moshav Avital are found to carry unacceptably high levels of pesticides and therefore, the area rabbinate has decided to pull the products from the marketplace over health concerns until further notice. 

According to HaRav Moshe Blau Shlita of the Arava Tichona Rabbinate, he is not responsible for the mehadrin kashrus of Frisco Chatzba and therefore, assumes no responsibility for the product’s kashrut integrity. 

Wissotzky Round Petit Beurre Cookies manufactured by Vieira de Castro Company from Portugal, bearing kosher certification from the Triangle-K for those who use chalav akum milk powder, and with import permission from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, the product is dairy. Since the public is accustomed to petit beurre crackers being parve, the company has been instructed to change its wrapper, placing the ‘dairy’ notification in a more prominent position and font, and mashgichim are urged to place a dairy sign near the item on store shelves to alert the public to the status of the product. 

Grape Juice/Wine Warning; there are a number of wine presses in Israel that attract tourists and the Rabbinate wishes to warn the public that even if grapes are used after tithes have been taken, and one is certain they are not orla, there is the problem of ‘ yayin nessech’ or ‘stam yanam’ since non- Jews are among those pressing the grapes. 


The Flatbush Shatnez Laboratory has found shatnez in the edging of the insole of a Pink Studio lady’s fabric shoe.  

A 100% Virgin Wool men’s Milano Galleria (Italy) suit was tested and linen was discovered in the belt loop reinforcements.This suit was sold in Lakewood at a blowout sale. Only one Milano Galleria suit from this sale was found containing linen. No other laboratories in the East reported this shatnez finding. 

Emergency Recall: All the pants from Milano Galleria suits should be rechecked by a professional Shatnez Laboratory. 

Banana Republic that is made in Turkey has 70% Silk 30% Linen, as stated on the label. He immediately removed the tie. Unfortunately it also had a wool blend interlining. 

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Alerts are compiled from , kashrus agencies’ websites; Kashrus magazine; Kosher Information Bureau; Jerusalem Kosher News, Shatnez Laboratory; and from the Guide to Chodosh (Rabbi Yoseph Herman).