40 Chareidi Men Join IAF. Nachal Chareidi Has Competition?


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nachal chareid.jpgAccording to a Ynet report, for the first time ever, a group of 40 Chareidi men have joined the Israeli Air Force. The men have reportedly received training in areas such as aircraft maintenance, mechanics and the arming of fighter jets and helicopters. The recruits all have a low medical profile and cannot serve in combat positions.

The project was launched due to the depleted supply of human resources in the Air Force and in an attempt to provide Orthodox men with professional experience that would later help integrate them into the private market.

This move has upset the founding Rabbis of Nachal Chareidi – who told Ynet: “We and our families paid a heavy personal price so that the Nahal Haredi would gain its legitimacy, and we were shocked to hear of another program for the recruitment of haredim that is famous for its permissiveness. This can hurt the Nahal Haredi.”


  1. Good for them! In the zechus of having b’nei Torah help defend the country,Hashem will protect them. These young men will also be able to support their families better.They will learn valuble skills.More of these people should follow their example. It will make the frum have a better reputation.

  2. I don’t exactly ‘chap’ where Nachal Chareidi has the problem. Isn’t the goal one and the same? To gainfully employ chareidim in the military?
    If someone could shed some light on this topic I (& others) would appreciate it.

  3. Do not see how it should effect nachal charedei at all, these young men are interested in serving in the airforce, and there is no charedei branch to join in the IAF. We need yirei shamayim in every branch of the IDF, kol hakavod.

  4. All those questioning how this affect nachlei chareidi, it is quite simple. Since they are both doing the same service in opposition to daas torah, they both are seeking the same koved and are each fighting over the spoils.

  5. The advantage Nahal Haredi has over other “Haredi” programs in the IDF, is that the Nahal Haredi has specified guidelines and Rabbinic support throughout military service. The Nahal Haredi program consists of 2 years of full combat service in a kosher environment, they don’t serve with woman, have shiurei torah, set time for prayer and glatt kosher food. The third year of service is dedicated to education, so that the soldiers complete their service in the IDF with a degree and can now legally work and support their families! Nahal Haredi has been around for over 8 years, it gained its legitimacy through its hard work in the IDF and by proving itself to the Haredi public.
    To read more about the Nahal Haredi visit their site at http://www.nahalharedi.org

  6. If in principle there is no objection to someone learning a trade that will enable to support his family, why then limit the ability to do so to only the army and IAF?

  7. DOC, No doubt you were one of those who yelled at R’ Shteinman when he came to boro park, you of course, are a greater Talmud Chacham then R’ Shteinman.