Shabbos Thief Caught & Forced To Call Cops Himself!


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mishtara2.jpgFrum residents of Kiryat Gat who have suffered from a rash of robberies in recent weeks, caught the thief red-handed and forced him to call cops himself – Arutz 7 is reporting. According to their report, on Friday night, local residents spotted the suspicious man and quickly surrounded the man. The man quickly admitted that he was the thief responsible for robbing homes when people were not home; but eating at friends & relatives homes on Shabbos.

Due to the fact that it was Shabbos – and the Frum resident were unable to call the cops themselves – they forced the non-Jewish thief to do so instead!

Police arrived shortly after, and arrested the man.

(Arutz 7 / YW-18)


  1. Um, so they forced the Goyishe Ganiff to call the Jewish cops, the latter who were mechallel Shabbos when they arrived, by internal combustion vehicle, I assume, to arrest the man.

    I don’t think this is a case of bemachteress, so how is this permitted?

  2. shazam, maybe it was a situation of pikuach nefesh, but in that case, they would’ve been able to call themselves. dunno! something’s wrong with the picture somewhere!

  3. #5 I can only go from what is posted in the YW article, since I wasn’t there. It didn’t seem like pikuach nefesh, nor even safek pikuach nefesh. He was a potential ganiff, not a potential rotze’ach. And since he “quickly admitted”, he sounds like a wimp to boot.