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Israel’s Only Crematorium Located Once Again

crematorium.jpgIsrael’s only crematorium was supposed to be kept a secret.

That was not the case for long.

It was located In Chibat Tzion, and mysteriously burned to the ground at the end of August – after ZAKA publicized its location in a Charedi newspaper. Just three weeks ago, the crematorium vowed to reopen, and its location would remain secret – as we reported HERE on YW.

Not for long.

Yeshivaworld has learned that ZAKA has once again located the location of the new “Aley Shalechet” crematorium – and is reported to be in Eretz Yisroel’s Sharon region (Moshav Choglah, near Chadera). ZAKA Chairman Yehuda Meshi Zahav stated that ZAKA will continue on its campaign to chase them out of the country. He added that the Arab citizens of Israel have joined this campaign as well.

Nine months ago, Meshi Zahav filed a complaint with Israel Police claiming that they carried out activities that are in violation of Israeli law and operated without a necessary permit from the Health Ministry.

It is interesting to note that upon hearing that the crematorium would reopen three weeks ago, Meshi Zahav had stated that he hoped the new crematorium would “fulfill its purpose, and burn down…….like the previous one.”

Time will tell its fate…..

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  1. if Yidden & Arabs get together on something, just tells me something is rotten (maybe more than something) is rotten in the state of Israel. It should have the same fate as its predecessor. It can be assumed that the “people” operating this place are not mizera Ya’akov Avinu (or Avraham Avinu for that matter)

  2. How about some left wing loony student from Hebrew University make an experiment by placing a grenade in the crematorium and observing the explosion?

  3. The world leaders in autopsies and the harvesting of human body parts are at it again. I’m sure the evil Zionist government will protect them the way they protect missionaries and PA terrorists.

    By the way interesting to note the Gematria of Yom Hatzmout is bittul torah. (Make sure you get the right spelling)

  4. Speaking of gematrios, I figured out that Ehud Olmert [as spelled in Israeli newspapers] is 302 – equal to REKEV [rot] or KEVER [grave}


  5. TO POSTS 10, 11, 12: well technically what the manager at the plant is doing is ruining the whole nitzchius of the people being creamated. so by killing him, that is just ruining his life down here (which is not as bad)

  6. Of coarse comment #9 was not appropiate. But these stupid fools actually mean what they say. They seem to belong to the taliban.

  7. protest outside his place, make everyone aware. put his name in the press – full page ads. put him in cherem (not that he would care). put the people who send a relative to his place in Cherem (not that they would care either) go on a full press campaign to make people aware that this is not a viable alternative and what being in cherem is all about. Yes, go on a campaign of embarrassment – providing that you have an endorsment from a Gadol — (no I haven’t asked)

    to suggest as #9 does and as #13 endorses is vile — there are better ways to handle this.

    so… before you go killing someone (or even publically embarrassing someone) go seek the advice of a Gadol — Remember, even Pincus first consulted with Moshe Rabbeinu before taking action

  8. To Comment #3
    Dream on buddy. Do you really think the government wants to destroy it? They want it. It enhances there desire of “Niyeh K’chol HaGoyim.”
    That’s the whole point of this article.

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