Another Earthquake Jolts Eretz Yisroel


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eq1.jpgAn earthquake registering 4.1 on the Richter scale was felt in central Eretz Yisroel on Friday night three days after a 4.2 earthquake struck the northern Dead Sea – as reported HERE on YW. The quake was reportedly was felt in Raanana, Tel Aviv, Petach Tikva, Rechovot and Yerushalayim; and other places. Boruch Hashem, there are no reports of injuries or damage.


  1. This one I felt. It lasted only like 3 seconds, but was a bit scary. That’s 3 earthquakes in one week. (There were actually two on Tuesday, a 3.0 and a 4.2.)

  2. Hashem is communicating a message. Ask da’as Torah what their take on this is. Current events, our need to be mispallel and be chozer bitshuvah!

  3. As I have posted once before: Earthquakes are measured on the Richter scale. A Richter in German (and Yiddish) means “a judge”. With current affairs as they are in E.Y. The Judge is warning us to do Tshuvoh.

    Wake up Jewish residents of Israel, kavod shem shamayim is on the line, daven, learn, do chesed, show love, protect Yerushayalim..

  5. Actually, on Nov. 20, there were 4 Dead Sea quakes, only 2 “felt”.
    What is interesting is that the EMSC had 3, and placed them very differently then did Israel’s GII. I think EMSC is being political. They refuse to call “Jericho” by its name, for example.
    EMSC wrote that the largest was on the western side of the Dead Sea. Israel says not, and that 2 quakes landed right on top of Arab occupied Jordan.
    Things have really heated up – seems to be related to oil drilling, extraction, storage and such. Cumulative effect.
    I am very interested in learning about direct experiences from folks in Israel. If you gave your latitude longitude and/or XY coordinates it would be great.
    The USGS has a site and map to report if you felt one.
    The recent quake was felt the strongest further away from the center, in Ashkelon and “al-Khalil”.
    Let me know if you folks want more.
    Elisheva from Cleveland

  6. Dear Imanonov:
    Thanks for the word meaning for Richter!
    I must say that, if you study what is going on in terms of where the quakes are, it is not we Jews who are being judged, but absolutely The Nations.
    Which is not to say that we don’t have some spiritual housework to do, but we are moving into the full redemption mode.
    The best example of this was the 2004 Tsunami, which primarily struck areas which had moved under Sharia lawlessness in the years immediately before. Even more proof was that it occurred while the millions of muslims were off praying to their who knows what in shmecca. Not only did it not help them, but He obviously rejected their prayers. Many returned to be homeless.
    Time for Ahavas Yisrael!

  7. #7. May I point you to the famous words of the Droshos HaRan (a Rishon who lived approx 600 years ago) Drosho 6 where he writes that sometimes events take place in far-off countries “and ilands” which are meant to be a warning for us to do tshuvoh. If we don’t take notice “these events will start coming nearer and nearer and if we don’t repent it is comparable to someone sinning after having received a warning”.
    I agree that HKBH will use those phenomena at the same time to punish others, but they are in the first instance meant for us.

  8. Greetings Imanonov:
    I wish for you an uplifting Kisev.
    Thank you for the response.
    While of course we are being “instant messeged” from Above, the question is on the meaning.
    It does not seem that these events are actually so far off at all. Perhaps you refer to us in the USA – but have you not seen the numerous bridge collapses here? (-And many others world wide?)
    We are instructed to recognize and thank Him for miraculous savings, and when our enemies have been miraculously struck down. In my humble opinion, I have to note that we fail to do both.
    The messages to us need not always be negative, and while pride is not good as an individual trait, to be strong Jews, who know that He is, in fact, here for us, must be a good thing.
    The bigger problem is that we are failing to recognize the miracles, and therein fail to access them. We saw this clearly at the Pogrom Gush Katif. The miracle was ready, the table set, but we failed to see. All we needed to do to completely bring on our redemption was to start walking. Just like at the Red Sea with Moshe. Instead we danced with the goy and Erev Rav. Shameful.
    Right now, we could have stopped the Annapolis debacle, but we fail to act. And this is viewed by The Nations as a lack of faith on our part. Sadly, they seem to be right. The USA rabbis have not directed their congregations to stand up and announce that Jerusalem and the land belong to us. Pitiful we are. This is much more of a worry to me. Where is our Ahavas Yisrael, to sit back while our brethren are harmed?
    Being that we are in The Redemption already, I urge a different approach from chest beating. Let us be certain that we see the miracles, which are so generously given, and this will cause an even greater Tshuva, and of a larger number of Yidden, or so it appears to me. And when we stand at the sea, we need “leaders of ten thousands” to jump in.
    This is Kislev, time for following Him with Simcha!

  9. Elisheva 7
    Thank you for your enthusiastic and poetic message. Of course you are right to urge recognition of the tremendous miracles H’ is doing for us all the time. And simcha is essential in Avodas H’. But that does not exclude what you call “chest beating”. Both are equally important.
    Re the Annapolis meeting. I heard a plaudible explanation of what is going on in the Celestical world (although we can of course only guess). The Zionist movement, in it final moments, is giving away all that they fought for all those years, to teach us that there is no other salvation than from Above. They are bringing about their own demise, just like Pharao did, after which came the Vayaminu BaH’ UbeMoshe Avdo.
    Lets davven that the Yeshuo will come quickly