Bill to Use PA Funds to Pay Terror Victims


MK (Bayit HaYehudi) Zevulun Orlev is sponsoring a bill that will permit Israel to place a lien on tax funds that are transferred to the PA (Palestinian Authority) by Israel to use those same funds to make payments to victims of Arab terror. These are funds collected in Israel and then turned over to the PA.

While the bill seems to enjoy widespread support in both the coalition and among opposition legislators, a major hurdle remains the legality of such a move since the PA is a separate entity from a legal point of view and it cannot be held accountable for the acts of terror organizations.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. What legality hurdle? It’s the Knesset; it makes the law. The Knesset can simply make a law saying that the PA is responsible for all terror attacks, vezehu.

    The Bagatz won’t like it? Let it not like it. Nothing compels the government to pay any attention to the High Court. The Knesset makes the law, not the Bagatz. It’s high time the government told the Bagatz where to get off.