UPDATED 2:42PM EST – BREAKING: Car Stolen in Yerushalayim with child inside


mishtara31.jpg(UPDATE BELOW STORY) 2:15PM EST A source tells YeshivaWorld that a car was just stolen from Rechov Bar Illan with a 1 year old child inside. Police are frantically setting up roadblocks throughout the city in an attempt to apprehend the suspect. Further details to follow…

UPDATE 2:42PM EST Israeli police have Boruch Hashem just located the car – with the baby inside! Boruch Hashem the child is fine. The stolen car was reportedly found in Wadi Joz near Yerushalayim. It is unknown if an arrest has been made at this time. [Click HERE for photos]

(Source: Hatzolah Israel)


  1. Boruch HaShem the child was found unharmed in the car at 9:35 pm local YERUSHALAYIM time less than an hour after the car was stolen. This story had a happy ending, very quickly. PLEASE EVERYONE, DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN IN A CAR ALONE PARKED OR WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING EVEN “FOR A MINUTE”. THIS IS A NES CHANUKA.

  2. I have seen too many articles on this site and others of people leaving children in cars. Over the summer children died from heat. They are stolen with the car. Putting our children in danger is a Chilul Hashem.

  3. WHEN will parents learn to be responsible adults? How many times do we have to remind people and warn against to NEVER leave a child alone in a car or anywhere else,for that matter? What’s wrong with our people ?There should be very serious fines and punishments for this crime!

  4. the car was found in Shich Jarach, right across from Kever Shimon Hatzadik, about two hundred feet from Arzei Habira.Myself and another Hatzolah Yisroel/Maalot Dafna unit were searching in the Wadi Joz/Har Hatzofim area when it was reported that the chid was found unresponsive inside the car.Having been in the immediate area, we were first on scene.The child was fine, and we watched the tearful reunion between the parents and child.
    btw, the the car-jacker was also apprehended.

  5. Boruch HaShem the child is safe!

    Post should have been phrased as “Child Stolen in Yerushlayim, together with car” Keep Ikkar, ikkar, and Tofel, tofel

  6. just a big yasher koach to all the hatzalah israel volunteer’s who were out right away searching for the child and were on the scene where the child was found within seconds from when the report came through that the car was sighted. kol hakavod

  7. Indeed a huge nes, Chasdei Hashem…

    Anybody think of thanking the Israeli Police, especially after all the abuse and insults that are hurled at them by bloggers on this blog?

  8. There is only one person, and one person only, to blame in this story. Which irresopnsible parent leaves their 1 yr old baby in a car alone??? On a main road??? With keys in the ignition?? in any other country the rest of the children in that family would be put into foster care.
    I am sure it was a big scare for the family. but maybe it will teach them the lesson they so desperatly need to learn.
    hashem will only watch us if we do our hishtadlus. Do you leave your diamond jewlery lined up on a main road while you “just run into a store”? and then try claiming it back on insurance?

  9. A suggestion to YeshivaWorld: When posting timely stories like this that happen in Eretz Yisroel, include the local time as well as your time, e.g. 2:24PM (EST=9:24PM EYT)

  10. Actually, mom18, the way YW posted it, is probably right. Probably what happened was, one of the parents left the car (with the child inside)unattended and the carjacker, seeing a vehicle open to his taking, took it. Probably once he realized, either heard the child, or maybe the news report, that there was a child in the car that he had just stolen, he decided to get rid of the car. Car-jacking is one charge, kidnapping is a much bigger charge.
    So it most probably was a ‘Car Stolen in Yerushalayim with child inside’.




  12. and there are people who do not want tonmake a misberach for Tzhal and all the Anshei bitachon
    who are protecting us day and night. Where is the hakoras hatov? Is it not our obligation in all our shtiebels to insist that we ask Hashem to protect them? Without asking theAbishter to protect the anshe bitachon then we are relying on Ehud!!!!

  13. #13, don’t you think the parents have been punished enough, not knowing for an hour, where their child is, or if they will ever see him again?

  14. Mom18 , Your comments are tofel- it’s plain to everyone what was the big worry- BUT – a car carries the baby- not vice versa…. E.G. He stole a bag with tefillin. NOT he stole tefillin with a bag. I’m looking forward to your website’s headlines: Child stolen in yerushalayim with car on outside………..

  15. due to the fact that you never take my comments [ which ar usually the most sensible ones-if i may say so myself] I am boycotting your site- that’s it – finito.

  16. bill:i usually dont leave a diamond ring parallel parked on the side of a street but i might leave it in my car for a minute. daboss:why cant the perp get in the same door, it’s much easier to drive from the drivers seat?

  17. bill (#12): you’re absolutely right.
    many times i tell this to myself when I’m too “lazy” to take my talis/tefilin to a store, on the premise of “it’s only 2 minutes, who’ll steal it?”.
    I quickly remind myself that had it been my laptop, i wouldn’t even think of leaving it in the car…

    –> mussar haskel for all

  18. nony mous & yenta. The point of my post was NOT how the thief thought, or what the charges against them will be. Obviously they wanted the vehicle and not the child.

    However, when it is posted, the main point of the news is that a CHILD was stolen. That was the point. I’m happy you realize it’s obvious, this post was obviously not meant for you.

  19. For crying out loud, please consider the following. If you would have a piece of mail to throw in-to the mail box and you pass one of these boxes on a street corner would you not jump out, run to the box and drop it in? I would! but do you know how many people had their vehicle stolen by a person approaching at an intersection advising you that your muffler is hanging and while the driver thanks him and jumps out to check the guy jumps in and takes off! this can happen to ayone and since we don’t know the circumstances please! let’s give these parents the benifit of doubt…………