Soldiers Schedule Protest To Coincide With Belzer Chasunah


As the chasunah of a grandchild of the Belzer Rebbe Shlita takes place in Yerushalayim on Wednesday evening, an event that is expected to draw thousands of chassidim and supporters, a group of IDF soldiers will be protesting quietly to deliver a message; that attacks against chareidi soldiers in Meah Shearim must cease. The event is being organized by the Hisorarus party, which is a member of the Jerusalem government.

“We cannot ignore this. We cannot permit a situation in which a chareidi soldier in uniform has to be concerned with being attacked in the State of Israel” says the Facebook posting.”

“It is inconceivable that in the capital of the Jewish people soldiers will be hurt, and by their own people, and worse, by their community, in the city square!” the post continues.

According to organizers of the protest, “A small group of extremists stains the chareidi tzibur and gives it a bad name, as well as the IDF and the character of the entire city. We call on all IDF soldiers; in mandatory service, career service, reserve duty, secular, religious, traditional, and chareidi to send a clear message on the matter, that violence against soldiers in Yerushalayim and Israel will not be tolerated”

Meanwhile, explaining they do not wish to insult Belz, organizers decided to change the venue. It was originally going to be held at Kikar Slonim, near Kikar Belz, while the chasunah was taking place. The decision has since been made to relocate to Rashi Street at the corner of Sarei Yisrael, not far from the Jerusalem IDF Induction Center.

Hisorarus officials stress they have absolutely no intention of insulting the Belzer Rebbe Shlita and therefore, they are moving to a new venue. They add “We understand violence is not the chareidi way, other than a small element of extremists, and we must condemn them with all our abilities.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Please stop the protests!

    You are confusing the friendly, pro-Israel Charedim of Belz with (Lehavdil) the abominable Neturei Karta and Satmar.

    (As a cousin of the Belzer Rebbe SHLIT”A, I refuse to contribute to Satmar/Neturei Karta institutions.)

    Heartiest Mazal Tov to my cousins on this special day! The Chasunah should be BeShaa Tova UMutlachas! The Chasan and Kalah should be Zoche Livnos Bayis Naeh, Naim, VeNeeman BeYisrael!!!

    Done with respect and out of a true feeling for a legitimate cause!!!!!
    If all hafganot were conducted in this fashion, there may be some (not all) non-frum government officials who would start listening to the requests of the chareidim because they actually agree as opposed to doing it because they have to.

  3. I’m happy that they realize that the trouble-makers are a “small group of extremists”. They are absolutely right that it must be stopped.