Arabs And Leftists Working To Prevent The Establishment Of Yishuv Amichai


Not wasting any time, PA (Palestinian Authority) residents and Israeli left-wingers are challenging the planned establishment of Yishuv Amichai, which is designated for the expellees of Amona. The community is slated for the Gush Shilo area in Shomron but the petitioners insist the community is slated in part on private Arab land.

While most of the required permits are in place for bulldozers to move ahead and create the community, Arab village leaders and Israeli leftists have already filed their objections with the IDF Civil Administration. They are asking to refrain from giving final permits for doing so will result in compromising the rights of private Arab land owners.

Amichai is slated for construction on state land, and the final permits are expected in the coming weeks, which will permit moving ahead with construction unless petitions are filed with the High Court of another entity preventing this from occurring.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)