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Kassam Terror Continues. IDF Steps Up Response

iaf5.jpgAt least seven Kassam Rockets landed in Israel on Shabbos – with two of them landing in the city of Sderot. Two people were reportedly transported by MDA to the hospital. One suffered chest pains, and another broke a leg while running to a nearby shelter.

According to Ynet, extensive damage was caused to vehicles parked in the area where the rockets landed.

At least six Kassam Rockets landed in the Western Negev on Friday, with one landing in the yard of a Sderot home. A few residents were taken to the hospital – including a pregnant woman.

The IDF has been responding to the rocket attacks by carrying out multiple ground, and air attacks. the IAF has fired numerous missiles at targets in Gaza since Thursday – including some over Shabbos. 

Haaretz reports that the total number of Terrorists killed in the Gaza Strip since Thursday morning stands at 11, including four “civilians”.

In an interesting poll released today by Haaretz, 81 percent of Israelis support increasing the targeted killings of Arab terrorists.

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  1. As an American, I have one thing to say about this: Israel needs to stop worrying about what my country thinks and let the palestinians know they can’t keep firing these rockets like this. Its time for one massive air strike that will leave no doubt, Israel will totally destroy those responsible for this foolishness. Its time for a little Israeli “shock and awe.”

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