Police Make Arrests On Suspicion Of Violating Organ Transplant Laws In Israel


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The Israeli police arrested four suspects, including the directors and employees of the association, as part of an investigation by the police against the organization on suspicion of offenses contrary to the Organ Transplant Law. There are chareidim among the suspects taken into custody.

“This is a complex and sensitive investigation, during which police investigators took testimonies that raised suspicion of offenses contrary to the Organ Transplant Law. We view such acts severely and will not allow any harm to the value of human life in Israel,” the police said.

The investigation required police investigators to act with exceptional sensitivity while explaining the importance of the investigation, reaching the truth and realizing that those who cannot afford it will have to wait on the waiting list and thus may pay for their lives.

A central element that guided the researchers – maintaining the continuity of the organization’s activities even in the course of the investigation. The police acted in cooperation with the professional and authorized bodies to maintain the continuity of the organization’s activities and the provision of the life-saving service, regardless of the investigation.

It should be emphasized that the police do not regard the donors who contributed money and their families in need of the transplant, and those who received the transplant as suspects, but to a great extent, victims who acted to save lives.

For several months, the Israel Police has been conducting a complex and sensitive investigation, which began following a complaint filed by the Ministry of Health. It is suspected that members of the association, which deals with organ transplants, promote organ transplants for money transferred, in most cases as donations to the organization.

So far in the course of the investigation, the researchers have collected testimonies from people who underwent organ transplants, family members of organ transplants and other factors.

The testimonies collected thus far indicate that most of the transplanted patients do not work for a living due to their health status and most of them need financial support from their families.

This fact increases the suspicions, since these are amounts of money transferred to the organization under the guise of ‘donation’.

It should be emphasized that in order not to harm the continuation of the organization’s unique business vis-à-vis people awaiting organ transplants, the police have been working with the Ministry of Health and the Registrar of NGOs on an ongoing basis,

Therefore, a temporary liquidator was appointed for the organization in order to enable continuity of activity and providing life-saving services to people waiting in anticipation of saving their loved ones’ lives.

Police arrested four suspects and searched their homes and offices in Jerusalem in accordance with arrest and search warrants issued by the court.

The police are still investigating the case, with an emphasis on those exposed to the matter. We call for cooperation with the police, in order to advance the investigation without harming them or the altruistic donors who continue with the important and life-saving process.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I have a friend involved in this life-saving business (I hope that this is not about him!). I would trust the police here exactly as far as I could throw their station. They consistently act with extreme prejudice against organ donors and these organizations, making things much more difficult than they need to be. Definitely do not take what you read here at face value!