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VIDEO/PHOTOS: IDF Operates In PA Villages In The Area The Har Adar Terrorist Resides To Prevent Future Terror Attacks


IDF troops during the night of 7 Tishrei 5778 (Tuesday to Wednesday) operated in the PA (Palestinian Authority) villages of Bido and Souriq, in the area the terrorist who perpetrated the Har Adar attack is from.

The operation involved Shin Bet agents and border police as well, as they began mapping out the area of the terrorist’s home, which Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced would be destroyed. Searches of homes were conducted for weapons and explosives in the hope of preventing additional acts of terror.

Work permits from a number of relatives of the terrorist have been canceled and confiscated as part of the stern punishment, which government officials hope will serve as a deterrence to other would-be terrorists.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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