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Rishon L’Tzion Continues His Political Agenda Against Kol Berama Radio

Rishon L’Tzion Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef Shlita continues to use his high-level civil service post to advance the Shas anti-Eli Yishai agenda, which includes banning Kol Berama Radio, which is affiliated with the former Shas party leader- Eli Yishai.

In the latest episode, Rav Yosef refused to give a shiur after realizing Kol Berama was set up to broadcast it live, only willing to permit Kol Chai Radio to do so, as the latter is viewed as Shas-friendly. Rav Yosef also spoke out harshly against Kol Berama, which backed down and left, permitting Kol Chai to broadcast the shiur exclusively, the Kikar Shabbos News report details.

The shiur in question was on Hashana Rabba night in Asher Ha’ish Beis Medrash of HaGaon HaRav Yosef Ben-Porat. After Rav Yosef entered the beis medrash, he saw two microphones were set up, one Kol Berama, prompting him to ask “Which Kol is this?”, learning it was the one he is opposed two, instructing organizers to immediately remove the microphone. “I don’t speak on Kol Berama” he exclaimed to the tzibur present, compelling the station to announce the cancelation of the planned live broadcast.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

5 Responses

  1. It is not the place of YWN to criticise a Rov’s decision by implying it is “political” and using words like “agenda”. There are many perfectly valid reasons a Rov wouldn’t want to give a shiur on a particular radio channel. I see no reason to be Don R’ Yosef lekaf chovoh.

  2. Rav Yosef is to the best of my knowledge not obliged to give shiurim on radio as part of his job. Therefore this is not using his “high-level civil service post”. If there are two shuls near his house and he prefers one, presumably that shul will benefit from increased patronage etc, yet no-one would say he’s using his post to benefit that shul, as he has a right to decide where to daven.

  3. Without knowing all the details I wouldn’t want to judge, however it appears to me if anyone should be criticised it is Kol Berama – they presumably knew that Rav Yosef didn’t want them to record him, it would be a chutzpah to do this anyway. Again I’m unfamiliar with the details but is anyone going to suggest this was an innocent mistake on their part.

  4. to Gavriel512 (you are missing much)

    The Yosef family use their positions to enhance themselves and to push Shas. They are against Eli Yishai since Aryeh Deri is against him.

    Yishai happens to be a bit more honest than Deri but not as dictatorial. Deri runs Shas with an iron fist and kicked out Yishai. The Yosef family had no choice but to follow Deri or lose support.

    Always a shame when religion gets mixed up with politics, but welcome to Israel.

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