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PHOTOS: Preparations Complete At Kever Rochel For The Yahrzeit


Preparations are complete and officials of Mosdos Kever Rochel are ready for mispallalim to begin arriving on Monday evening, the eve of 11 Cheshvan, the yahrzeit of Rochel Imeinu.

Police and border police will be out in large numbers and Egged is operating buses to accommodate the tens of thousands whom are expected to make their way to the tziyun over the next day.

Police add there will be park-and-rides with bus service available by Egged. There will be Egged pick-up locations on Malchei Yisrael Street and Teddy Stadium, with the latter providing parking. Private vehicles will not be permitted into the Kever Rochel complex during the yahrzeit.

Transportation Arrangements

  • Private buses will be sent to Teddy Stadium and then passengers can use the shuttle service
  • Vehicles will park in the eastern parking lot of Teddy Stadium
  • Persons will not be picked up along the route, but only at designated stops.
  • Only Egged buses and other buses in special cases will be permitted into the Kever Rochel complex. Accommodations will be made for drivers with disabled permits.
  • People will not be permitted to walk along the bus route from Rozmerin Jct. to Kever Rochel.

HaRav Tzvi Uziyahu, one of the rabbonim of Mosdos Kever Rochel explains, “The preparations for the Hilula were felt, and on the eve of the Hilula hundreds of people came to Kever Rochel to daven for the success and salvation of the people of Israel. We thank the security forces and have stepped up security around the tziyun before the arrival of the tens of thousands.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo Credit: שלמה אהרן טקו – חדשות 24)

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