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Gerrer Chassidus Raises Over $50 Million Annually For Its Mosdos

Gerrer Chassidus recently held its Zer Zahav Melave Malka in the Grand Hotel Bristol in Stresa, Italy, at which Nachman Vidislovsky, CEO of Mosdos Gur, revealed the chassidus’ fundraising picture and much more.

Vidislovsky, officials explain, spends over 150 days outside of Israel fundraising annually.

  • There are over 50,000 persons in the chassidus today
  • Gerrer Mosdos raise over $50 million annually
  • The chassidus celebrated 480 chasenahs in 5777
  • There were 2,200 births in 5777
  • The Rebbe Shlita was sandek more than 680 times in 5777
  • Today, there are 2,740 avreichim in kollels
  • There are 4,050 bochrim in yeshivos
  • There are 6.300 children in talmidei torah
  • There 260 yesomim (orphans) R”L
  • 4,000 children are registered with the Yad L’Mishpacha program, receiving milk and bread daily
  • 2,630 families received Kimcha D’pischa
  • 2,300 received clothing
  • The Ichud Mosdos’ budget is over 100 million shekels without including the Refuah V’Yeshua organization
  • Avreichim in kollel receive monthly stipends, payments for child births, and the Yissacher B’Oheleicha program totaling 21 million shekels
  • Yeshivos and talmidei torah received 25 million shekels
  • Widows and orphans received 7 million shekels for their chasenahs
  • Food and clothing distribution of 10 million shekels for Rosh Hashanah
  • Kimcha D’pischa of 7 million shekels
  • The Yad L’Mishpacha program to provide bread and milk 6 million shekels
  • The melave malka in Italy cost over 2.5 million shekels and it raises 12 million shekels

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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