Anti-Semitism In Germany: Arab Student Tells Jewish Classmate ‘Hitler Was Good’

German Chancellor Adolf Hitler YM"SH addresses a Nazi rally in Nuremberg, 1935

A Jewish high school student in Berlin, Germany was subjected to a hateful Anti-Semitic attack from a classmate – all because he expressed an opinion the student did not agree with.

During a class discussion on Israeli-Palestinian relations, the 18-year-old Jewish student objected to the establishment of a Palestinian state and explained his position.

A classmate, an Arab student shouted a flurry of abuse, including:  “You [Israelis] murder children…we have to cut your heads off,” and “Hitler was a good man because he murdered Jews…” The incident, which occurred two weeks ago at at the Ernst-Reuter High School, was reported by the Berliner Zeitung newspaper.

According to the student, anti-Semitic abuse had been a common feature since his first day at the school two years ago. “I tried to remain calm, to smile and to present facts, but I decided not to ignore these comment about Hitler,” he said.

The student filed a complaint with the school principal, who published a statement saying that the incident exposed an “anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli sentiment.” The principal promised to take steps that will ensure that these instances are not covered up and to protect all students.

As a result of the incident, and a series of other similar anti-Semitic attacks, the student was not allowed to play in the school yard during break times for fear that other students may attack him.

Berlin Chief Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal responded, “The incident which occurred was most serious. We cannot permit a situation in which a student in school hears such disgusting things. We expect the government to act, to do its utmost to  prevent tolerance of hatred, especially among young people.”

It is not the first time in recent days that anti-Semitism has struck Berlin.

Last week, a video went viral showing a 60-year-old German man accosting Jewish restaurant owner Yorai Feinberg (36) in the German capital and hurling anti-Semitic abuse at him merely for being an Israeli Jew.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Antisemitism in Germany? Because a couple of Arabs yelled slurs at a Jewish classmate? This is the norm for anyone in such an environment. I don’t think it implies the whole of Germany is experiencing a rise in antisemitism.
    The same thing would probably happen in America if there were Arab nationals in his class.

  2. 1. WHY are Jews still living in Germany – and more arrive daily.

    2. WHY isn’t this kid in a Jewish school? Sorry, as wrong as it is, that’s what you get by going to public school.