12 Charedi Suspects Arrested in Mega-Fraud Case for Creating Fictitious Yeshiva In Beit Shemesh


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Charedi protesters attempted to interfere with a police arrest of one of the twelve suspects that were arrested in Beit Shemesh yesterday under the suspicion of defrauding government monies. The suspicion is that a Charedi non-profit organization was used by the individuals to defraud the money.

Residents of the city were seen in a post that was published by the Walla News site shoving police officers and throwing eggs at them as they attempted to arrest one of the suspects outside his home. The police responded by spraying the protesters with pepper spray.

The ringleader of the scheme is suspected of opening a fictitious Yeshiva and registering 150 students who “studied” there, in order to receive stipends and scholarship funds from the Ministry of Education for those students.

The total sum of the money suspected of being defrauded is more than 1,000,000 NIS. During a routine checkup conducted by the Ministry on the “Yeshiva” they found only rubble at the address where the Yeshiva was supposed to be standing.

The Ministry officials immediately filed a complaint with the police and undercover detectives were sent to discover what the reality of the situation was. The investigators discovered that not only did the Yeshiva not exist, but that all 150 of the supposed students whose names were on the list submitted to the Ministry, were not studying in any known institute of higher education. Some of them were dropouts, while others were serving in the IDF.

The suspects were apprehended during the course of the day on Monday, with many of them being brought for arraignment hearing during the course of the day. Select others were released under special orders limiting their movement.

The accusations being leveled at the accused include: Obtaining defrauded money under aggravated circumstances, conspiracy to thievery, and money laundering.

Police confiscated documents and computers, as well as dozens of checks made out in high amounts.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What right do people have to assault police officers arresting criminals? What is there “l’shem shomayim” excuse here? This story itself is a chilly Hashem, but I’m top of that is inexusable behavior of people regarding police. Total, massive chillul Hasehm by supposedly frum people.

  2. charadim is a dress style; it does NOT mean yerais shomayim.

    Because some one dresses frummer than thou, does not mean his is automatically a person of worth. Let us all realize and be aware that clothing does NOT make the man to be what it

  3. The police don’t get it…..these creative Chareidi yungerleit were engaged in “virtual shteiging” in a “virtual yeshiva” using “virtual seforim”. If even a small percentage of them would only focus their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit towards legitimate business endeavors, the entire tzibur would be much better off. The police could build a REAL prison in the middle of Beit Shemesh so the locals can see every day how society deals with garbage of their younger generation who steal from those who work hard to earn a parnassah. That might serve as a deterrent against this kind of chilul hashem.

  4. So it took 12 charedim who got arrested for alleged fraud to finally stop with all the SM rubashkin parties and dancing??
    Now we have a chapter of fresh lawyers to hire and to raise millions more so we can have more parties and dancing when they are let out early from jail.

  5. Agreed. Sholom Rubashkin’s sentence was more than excessive and born of anti-Semitism. I’m happy he’s out of jail. But the partying sends a wrong message to our youth ( and to the world).

  6. Forget Rubashkin right now…. I’m wondering if I unwittingly helped this non-existent Yeshiva. What is the name of the school? Asking l’toeles.

  7. The first paragraph was probably supposed to end with
    “was used by the individuals to LAUNDER the money.”

  8. Those who want the name of the “yeshivah” might be able to find it on Israeli news websites. (I can’t be bothered to look myself.)

  9. I am so glad that others above commented on the Rubashkin fiasco. Yes, his sentence was excessive, and yes, it was clearly due to ant-Semitism, made worse by his having a beard and payis. And it was a pure act of pidyon shvuyim that the President did. But to dance with this man and to make him a hero? Heck no! Would you want your kids to grow up like this thief? I sure as heck wouldn’t! I wouldn’t want this criminal in my neighborhood, let alone in my shul! And no, he didn’t use the stolen money just to help others, like so many have claimed. He mainly used it to try to save himself and his business. As pure a thief as I’ve ever seen, the greatest example of a disgusting Chillul Hashem of our generation. Celebrate the release, not the man. President Trump was the smartest of us all. He did NOT pardon the man – he just commuted his sentence. He corrected a wrong, but didn’t make the mistake of saying that this bum was OK. He is not OK – he is a thief, a common criminal. And his crimes embarrassed us all.

    As to this new Chillul Hashem in Beit Shemesh? Getting over 1 million shekalim from the government for a non- existent, phony Yeshiva? Another great Chillul Hashem perpetrated by supposedly frum Jews. It makes me want to throw up! And you wonder why so many of the chilonim hate the Chareidi community? Worst of all is not even the masterminds of this fraud – it is the rock and egg throwers that attacked the police who came to arrest these thieves.

    You know what? In the face of the Rubashkins and these phony Yeshiva thieves and the rock and egg throwers – if I wasn’t raised frum – I would be firmly on he side of the anti-Chareidi chilonim. These phony “frum” criminals not only fuel anti-Semitism; they fuel the anti-Chareidi disgust that I myself am feeling right now……The fact that these criminals are Chareidi is bad enough. But the fact that the Chareidi community not only tolerates them, but celebrates them and dances with them like they are heroes rather than the bums they actually are – and even battles the police trying to arrest these bums that bring a bad name and a stench to our frum communities – is the greatest Chillul Hashem of all! Oy vavoy to us all if these are the role models we want our children to emulate!

  10. Naftalig, don’t make Rubashkin into something worse than he is. He is a wonderful person. Honestly, many people would do the same as him, if not most people. If you were trying to sell your business because it’s failing and the government is deliberately dissuading buyers, you’d be mad at the government too. All he did was fudge the numbers trying to save his business. And millions of illegal immigrants are working in large companies all over the US so don’t even mention the illegals.

    It is really not right to say you wouldn’t want him in your neighborhood. The government and justice in the US is not a god that should be worshipped to the extent that we dont see the evil and injustice perpertrated on individuals.

    However, it ALSO just simply doesn’t make sense to make the man into a hero. The fact is that he did do illegalities, so it makes no sense to publicly make an entire spectacle of frum Jews all over celebrating his release. It just sends the wrong message to our youth and to the world who the people are that we are celebrating. We can be extremely happy and relieved about his release because we care about our fellow Jews, they can publicly celebrate in 770 and we can thank Trump publicly too, but to make large displays of celebration and tours is not the right thing.

  11. Any of you ” commentators understand and remember learning the halacha of Lashon Hara; no temple, no karbanos sadly no bais din ! Netzor L’shonechy Maraah !
    We need Mosiach NOW !!!!! 🙁