Shomron Stabbing Attack at the Entrance to Ariel [UPDATED 2:50PM IL]

Photo: MDA Spokesman

A lone terrorist armed with two knives jumped a Jewish man who was standing at Ariel Square in the direction of Tapuach Junction on Monday afternoon, 20 Shevat. The terrorist wounded him critically in his upper torso. He then ran towards an IDF officer. The officer saw him running with the knives in hand and succeeded in hitting him with a vehicle. The terrorist got up and the officer struck him again with a vehicle and once again, he got up and ran towards Kifl Haris. Despite earlier reports to the contrary, the terrorist remains at large and a manhunt continues.

2:36PM IL: One person has been seriously wounded in a reported stabbing attack in the Shomron, near the entrance to Ariel. There are conflicting reports regarding the disposition of the attacker. More to follow.

2:40PM IL: Magen David Adom: Paramedics and EMTs operating on the scene state a male about 30 was stabbed in his upper torso and his condition is critical.

2:45PM IL: MDA reports the victim went into cardiac arrest and advanced life support efforts continue to save his life.

2:50PM IL: Paramedics are transporting the victim as advanced life support and CPR continue. The terrorist is in custody.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)