WATCH: Charedi IDF Battalion Comes Under Terrorist Fire in Jenin



Charedi IDF Battalion (Res.) 941, whose soldiers are all alumni of the Nachal Charedi unit known as Netzach Yehuda, are currently stationed in the Jenin region of Samaria. During one of their routine patrols on Tuesday, the unit came under live fire from terrorists in the Muslim city of Jenin. The terrorist fired at the soldiers in an attempt to kill some of them, before he ran off.

None of the soldiers were hurt in the incident, and the platoon returned fire at the location of the terrorist. The incident was caught on film by a helmet cam being worn by one of the soldiers and published by Bechadrei Charedim.

One of the duties of the battalion in Jenin is to capture wanted terrorists or suspects who live in or have traveled to the city. The battalion is also in charge of providing protection to the Israeli residents under their regional command. Over the past few days, the battalion has apprehended a number of suspects wanted by the Israel Security Service.

One soldier was quoted as saying that: “The shooting came from the area of the refugee camp. Usually, during these patrols, we get blocks, stones and paint cans thrown at us. This time was unusual in that they opened fire on us. We returned fire in the direction of the shooter. Thankfully no one from our forces was hurt during the incident and we carried on with our mission as planned.”

Over the course of the night on Tuesday, nine people, who are suspected of having connections to known terrorists, or who have carried out attacks themselves, were apprehended and brought into custody.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)