Court Orders Yeshiva Bochur Arrested Last Week Held Without Bail; Peleg Protests Underway [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]



The Jaffa Military Court on Sunday, 24 Adar, extended the remand of Meir Brodiansky, ordering him to remain in jail without bail pending the outcome of his trial. He was arrested last week at a police inspection when the police computer showed him as being AWOL from the IDF.

Protests will continue on Monday, 25 Adar, beginning at 4:00PM in Bnei Brak in Yerushalayim.

Hundreds of Bochrim from Peleg-affiliated Yeshivos forced the closures of roadways, bringing traffic to a halt. Police brought in water cannons, spraying the protesters with foul-smelling water. Police horses were also used to try and disperse the protesters.  It was reported that one arrest was made.

Last week, protests were held in Jerusalem, in the areas of the Cord’s Bridge and Shivtei Yisrael Street.

In the accompanying photo, we see a new sign that accompanies Peleg protests, informing motorists “We are protesting to remain Jews who observe Torah and Mitzvos”.

As YWN reported last Wednesday, a Meir Brodiansky, Yeshiva Bochur affiliated with the Peleg was arrested at a checkpoint on Highway 90 near Maale Adumim during a routine inspection early Wednesday morning. When it was determined by police that he is AWOL from the IDF, he was arrested and handed over to military police.

Meir is a Talmid at Yeshiva Kol Torah – a Peleg affiliated Yeshiva. He is a grandson of Rav Yitzchock Yeruchim Bordiansky, who is a Mashgiach in the Yeshiva.

One wishing to remain updated regarding the protests and traffic may phone the Israel Police 110 traffic number. Police commanders preparing for the Monday afternoon protests insist there will be no tolerance exhibited to persons attempting to shut down roads during afternoon rush hour.

ALL PHOTOS USED WITH PERMISSION VIA: צילום קבוצת המחאות החרדים הקיצוניים
דוד פרלמוטר

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. They should be allowed to demonstrate peacefully but if they attempt to block thousands of poishete yidden heading home, its time to take action. Hopefully, the police will no longer tolerate this meshugaas and squash these hooligans and any of their leaders or spiritual mentors who organize and encourage their actions.

  2. “Meir is a Talmid at Yeshiva Kol Torah – a Peleg affiliated Yeshiva.”
    Why are you perpetuating a lie and bismirching a fine Yeshiva?!
    Yeshiva Kol Torah is NOT a peleg affiliated Yeshiva.
    This untruth was corrected (not by me) on a different YWN article a few days ago, and yet you repeat the fake news.

  3. “Nahag Yakar – we love you but we don’t care what your plans are for this evening-we are going to do as we please. Have a good evening”

  4. Only one arrest? There should be many more. Let them see the price of committing public disruption is grave. Any of these arrestees should be remanded until at least after Pesach. The families will feel the pinch, too.

  5. this is great, this is the resistance to the Zionist shmad, these bochurim are mesirus nefesh for Torah, and it is they who to protect klal Yisroel from these Zionists who hate Torah.

  6. nowecant, I am not a huge zionist fan who parades everything “blue and white”, but I know for certain that the day the Israeli army puts down they guard and their guns the State of Israel will be destroyed (that means everyone there). “It’s the Torah that keeps us protected and alive, not the army!” — are responses I hear. My thoughts are that if we are solely relying on the Torah (or lack thereof) of those bochurim (as well as the Torah of much of the World, unfortunately) we Israel would still likely be wiped out (Cv’S). God Willing we one day soon reach the levels we are supposed to; but until then we have a lot of work to do. Many Zionists may very well dislike the Torah, but the bigger question is do those bochurim LOVE the Torah. I believe they do not.

  7. Nowecant: That is so special of you to say from the comfort of your home/office without having been affected at all. From my side, let them protest in front of the Knesset, inside of the Knesset or in front of the house of any politician of their choice. For them to close off the entrance to Yerushalayim or Bnei Brak is plain simple rishus towards fellow yidden who are just like them & were not the ones who arrested their friend. Did you know that an ambulance carrying a very ill person was stuck & couldn’t go through? What would you do if a family member of yours was in that ambulance, or what if the person was niftar because of the delay in getting to the Hospital to get immediate medical care? Or what about the tender with special ed kids, two of them using oxygen & their tank emptied while stuck there? I know the parents of one of those kids, & they were hysterical. This has gotten way out of hand & until a tragedy happens b/c of those “tzaddikim”, no strong measures will be taken.

  8. nowecant:

    You are missing the point completely. Firstly, ignore the anti-Zionist stuff. It won’t help you a bit. If this trash involved Ahavas Hashem, I would think twice before reprimanding you. But there is no trace of G-d in any of this. It is a mob mentality that uses the IDF draft issue as an excuse (and Rav Auerbach ZT”L as the support) to commit crimes against the public. If they want to protest and demonstrate, that is their right. But the blocking of streets where it causes trouble for everyone else is criminal. If I missed an appointment, I would not be mochel these thugs ever. It is one thing to follow one’s desires and commit an aveiroh. But this is wanton, and they are blaming this on kedusha. There is no semblance of Torah ideals in this. If there was, we would not witness the 100% absence of midos. May these animals be rounded up and detained until after Pesach.

  9. if they would throw these hoodlums into the army prison, then the charadim can easily meet the requirements of charadim who are supposed to go into the army.

    What difference does it make if they are in the IDF front lines or the IDF prison?

  10. The Little I Know:

    You know nothing. How come it did not bother you when those ‘Muschosim’ had a parade in Yerushalim all the Roads and highways were blocked traffic was unable to move, at another time they blocked all the entrances to Yerushalim nobody heard a word of complaint from you, it is likes of people like you including most of the comments displayed here who hate Bnei Torah who are following the orders of Gedolei Yisroel. of this generation and previous generations,

  11. balbos77, these are not bnei Torah. They are thugs who allegedly spend their time learning.

    If they don’t like it in Israel, I’m sure they will find a comfortable place to live somewhere else.

    Nobody is stopping them from leaving.

  12. But when they closed the streets so some “Charedie” women could prance publicly thru town, you kvetchers were quiet. No one had to give birth. No one had to be rushed to the hospital. No one had to get home to take their medications. Interesting.

  13. @Not getting involved

    Maybe you shouldn’t get involved. Only TIPISH (like yourself and the rest of the Peleg retards) can’t use their pea-brains to realize that am marathon route is scheduled MONTHS AND MONTHS in advance, and every single ambulance driver in Jerusalem is aware and every civilian in jerusalem is given advance notice with the exact route, as it’s published in every single newspaper.

    Your comparison is pathetic and shows how utterly insane you and your ilk are getting.

    You pop up on a street corner and shut everyone down, no warning, no one knows where or when. It’s wherever Aron Biala and the rest of the degenerates of society decide to protest.

    Tipshis is an understatement.

    people have died because of this. And yes, blood is on the hands of the living as well as the dead. Vehamayvin yavin.

    I live in Jerusalem and have personally lost money and missed important appointments because of this. And I do not forgive the living nor the dead.