PHOTOS: Pesach “Sedarim” That Transform Thousands Of Families Across Eretz Yisroel


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(By: L. Halevi)

This year’s Shuvu Kimcha D’Pischa campaign is going strong!

During this campaign, over 4,000 packages of matzos, wine, grape juice, and Hagados are delivered to Shuvu students and their families. Most Shuvu families are not financially stable enough to procure these Yom Tov necessities on their own, and without the Shuvu Kimcha D’Pischa campaign, many of these families would simply not celebrate Yom Tov properly. Additionally, many of these families, who are new to Yiddishkeit observance, do not yet grasp the importance of these items, and the Shuvu packages open their hearts to the joy and meaning of Pesach.

In Shuvu’s continual dedication to their students across Eretz Yisroel, each Shuvu school puts on a mock Seder before the onset of Pesach vacation, to show the students how a proper seder is conducted. This practice run – with Matzos, wine, charoses, eggs, salt water and all the regular Seder trimmings – enables them, and their families, to really celebrate Pesach in their own homes, many for the first time ever!

The staff at each school reviews the entire Hagadah with the students, who will then be able to teach the rest of their families about Yetzias Mitzrayim and other vital tenets of Yiddishkeit. Many of the Shuvu schools – such as ther Shuvu school in Ashdod – invite the parents as well to participate in the mock Seder, which further enhances the entire experience and makes an indelible impression that positively affects the entire family. See some of the photos from that “seder” and you will understand the importance of this celebration and its influence on the families.

These “sedarim” as well as the Kimcha D’Pischa distribution would not be possible without the vital partnership of Shuvu supporters around the world, whose zechusim for enabling Shuvu’s activities to go on are immeasurable.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)