PHOTOS: Kashrus Alert On Mismarked Pesach Items In Israel



There have been multiple reports of products being mislabled this pesach season. Please double check all your items to ensure they are Kosher for pesach.

The following kashrus alert was released by Rav Nachum Teitelbaurm pertaining to mismarked pitted green Manzanilla olives, with the date Nov 22 19.

In Hebrew, the product is marked “Kosher for Pesach” and in English, it correctly states “Not for Passover”, which is correct. It is not for Pesach.

Another ‘badatz’ item was found on store shelves in Beersheva, referring to a waffle-type snack marked Kosher for Pesach under Badatz Beit Yosef. Some have purchased the item believing it was made with potato starch but the folks at Beit Yosef explain the item was mislabeled and is ‘chametz gamur’! The item is called ‘חליבצה’ and it is made by the Bnei Riad Company, and it was erroneously marked kosher for Pesach when it is not.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)