VIDEO/PHOTOS: Tens Of Thousands Attend Peleg Motorcade Event To Honor 63 ‘Bnei Torah’ Prisoners


Tens of thousands participated in the special grand motorcade event to honor the 63 Peleg-affiliated ‘Bnei Torah’ who were imprisoned for refusing to register for the IDF draft, on Tuesday night Chol Hamoed Pesach.

The crowds gathered near the Chords Bride and escorted the 12 limousines with singing and dancing to the intersection of Shmuel Hanavi and Bar Ilan, where the talmidim were received with tremendous Kavod and Simcha from the crowd gathered.

(YWN Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It has been said that Professor Albert Einstein defined insanity as “continuing to do the same thing over and over while expecting different results.”
    The same continual, obsessive reporting about Peleg shenanigans (none of which am I condoning BTW). The same honest Chareidi commenters posting more or less the same remarks as in the past. Condemning the Peleg’s actions on an English language website. Expecting that somehow Peleg leaders are going to read the articles and comments. Expecting somehow the Peleg will change its ways.
    Dr. Einstein, you were so right…!

  2. chareidi amiti
    violent protests aren’t the way of the torah, right!
    acting as respectful bnei torah , right!
    so what is wrong with this picture?
    I guess your judaism is pro forcing yeshiva bochurim to go and draft into the army,
    you are entitled to your opinion, but I humbly beg to differ

  3. What a gorgeous display of Kovod for the concept of listening to YOUR Rebbi even if it will be difficult. Can all the nasty commenters say that they would be so willing to go to jail for something THEIR Rebbi told them to do (that is, if they even followed the perkie avos and even HAVE a Rebbi…)? I dont think so! So you know what- Right, its not what YOUR Rebbi would tell you to do, but it IS what THEIR Rabbeim say! And following what each of OUR( meaning me, you, and all these Yidden) Rabbeim say IS the the Torah and Judaism of all of us!

    A Gutten Moed

  4. You break the law you pay the penalty. You don’t want to go to jail just sign the paper that they bring to the yeshiva that says your learning full time and you’re exempt. Making everyone else’s lives intolerable is a major chillul hashem not to mention possibly questions of retzicha if you prevent ambulances from getting patients to the hospital.

  5. Beautiful!! What an amazing event it was. The singing and dancing in honor of the mosrei nefesh was really a sight to see.

  6. Tens of thousands of heilige Yidden coming out in the streets in a peaceful celebration l’kovod haTorah is a great Kiddush Hashem.

  7. Note that none of the poeople saying “chilul Hashem” are explaining how this is a chilul Hashem. By the way, when they blocked the street they got a permit for it.

  8. @TheMir, @modiinbob, can you take the time to explain what desecration of God’s name do you see in tens of thousands of frum Jews gathering for an event that fits with their shita???
    @IsometimesAgree, wonderful explanation. Couldn’t have said it better. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough people with that perception.

  9. You would understand them if you knew their history. The Israeli secularists have waged warfare against the Torah way of life and have tried uprooting it countless times. If the Chareidim would not have fought to upkeep their way of life, it would have long ago been lost. If your government threatened your physical life you would all understand that violent protests are justified. You insult them because your spirituality isn’t as dear to you as your physical life, but to these holy Jews it is.

  10. ah mi kiamcha yisrael what a beautiful sight to watch our choshuvah avreichim given the kovod they deserve.

    IsometimesAgree: I couldnt have said it better myself.

  11. IsometimesAgree: very nicely put.
    wow, these pictures are great – i would have never known that the Peleg are such an enormous crowd!!!

  12. So far, not one person is able to come forth to explain what chillul hashem took place in this event.
    For those who want to know what the real chillul hashem was?my It was when some immature babies in adult form started throwing rocks at the crowd, and playing with the power to shut off the screen. That’s the chillul hashem.
    @I think so, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Beautiful explanation.