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Hamas Building Defensive Sand Dunes on Gaza Border

Following the continuing escalation of Hamas attacks against Israel and the violent protests on the Gaza border, Hamas has now begun a new strategy in the fight over the fence. In a defensive move, to prevent IDF sniper fire from killing or deterring insurgents, Hamas is building sand dunes that will rise above the fence and allow Hamas terrorists to shoot down at Israeli positions on the opposite side. The dunes will also make hitting targets for Israeli snipers more difficult.

Israel has had high dunes in place on its side of the fence for numerous years, and Hamas’ new dunes are an attempt by the terror organization to mimic those.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Whatever those risha-im do they will be defeated, they think in their heads they now got the answer. They never will have the answer because they have distanced themselves from the truth.

  2. the temple was destroyed by simas chinam perhaps peoples responses to other sects in the jewish religion would be wise to tone down their responses and not be so fast to judge – then perhaps we will see less articles like this one

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