Mother Of Infant Who Died In A Jacuzzi In Miami Hotel In Ashdod To Be Charged With Murder


The mother of infant who died in the Miami Hotel in Ashdod during Pesach will be charged with the murder of her son, according to a prosecutor’s statement filed on Monday, 8 Iyar, by the State Prosecutor’s Office. The mother’s arrest was extended until Thursday.

Two weeks after the death of the chareidi infant at the hotel in Ashdod and after the court-ordered psychiatric examination for the mom, it was determined that she was not fit to stand trial.

The sad affair began on the first day of Pesach, when hours after the baby was pronounced dead, the police arrested the mother and father, who was suspected of obstructing the interrogation.

For days, the family and ZAKA fought against the police’s request for an autopsy in the infant, but the High Court of Justice ruled that a local autopsy should be allowed at the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute.

During the funeral of the toddler in Jerusalem’s Kikar Shabbos, the ZAKA commander in Jerusalem, Bentzi Oaring, was attacked and the infant’s body was taken from the ambulance he was driving by sikrikim.

It is not explained why the decision was made to charge her with murder after psychiatrists ruled she was not responsible for her actions due to mental incompetence.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. in the age of instantaneous communication, another choleh can be considered le’phanekha more often. old opposition was then; torah is torat chaim and updates with changes in mitziut, called circumstances

  2. As usual, gadolhadorah’s comments reveal why she is not gadolhador. The autopsy findings haven’t even been released yet because – guess what – there are (lehavdil) chilukei deios regarding the findings. In other words for someone who evidently doesn’t have very much intelligence, the autopsy results were inconclusive, although it “had” to be performed in order to find out the truth.

  3. I think its important to note and to clarify, the way Hashem communicates with you is not from some heavenly voice(Nebach i hope she gets a refuah sheleima) rather in our dor the key factor in communicating with Hashem is thru Tefila or thru the Hashgacha of A Rav

  4. Yehudalah: If you truly believe that divided opinion on outcomes is evidence that tests shouldn’t be performed than you mamash have bigger problems than we thought. Medical examiners in the U.S. are unable to reach definitive conclusions on the cause of death in at least 20 percent of autopsies performed and I suspect that the percentages in EY may be comparable (or even higher since only the most complex deaths in EY are considered for an autopsy).

  5. > yehuda26

    If “The autopsy findings haven’t even been released yet” then how do you know anything about “chilukei deios”?

  6. > It is not explained why the decision was made to charge her with murder after psychiatrists ruled she was not responsible for her actions

    I don’t know about Israel but here in Canada I know someone (not Jewish) whose daughter was assaulted in school by an emotionally/mentally challenged male student, and was saved only because her rather strong brother came upon the scene in time. And the police made it clear to the mother – the only way they could do anything (despite the attacker being know to have this problems for a long time) is if the mother files criminal charges on the assailant.