Mother Of Child That Drowned In Jacuzzi Tells Police The SHECHINA Told Her To Drown Her ‘Son Of Moshiach’


The mother of the toddler who drowned in a hot tub in the Miami Hotel in Ashdod during Pesach, suspected of murder, was released from house arrest. The mother, a 28-year-old resident of Beit Shemesh, is suspected of drowning the toddler four times to death, after experiencing a “divine vision.”

“The Shechina revealed to me, and I drowned the baby because he is the son of the Moshiach,” she told Detectives. “I put the baby in the bathroom in the hotel room, and a voice from heaven told me not to take it out of the water.”

According to the police, the baby may not have drowned but was already strangled by his mother, who has an early background of mental problems.

A relative of the mom detailed in court, “A night before the incident I spoke to her, and she sounded strange, and we knew about her precarious state of affairs,” she said.

The affair began on the first day of Chol HaMoed Pesach, when the report came from the Miami Hotel in Ashdod about a toddler drowning.

Later, due to the police’s demand that an autopsy be conducted on the infant’s body, in order to verify the suspicion against the mother, chareidi extremists held stormy demonstrations in order to prevent the autopsy, which was finally conducted in a relatively limited format.

At the funeral that took place after the autopsy, the infant’s body was taken from an ZAKA ambulance, claiming that the organization had collaborated regarding the autopsy.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I wonder what all the ones who were protesting, rioting, and destroying personal and public property (Geneiva Gamur) against an autopsy feel now. Tragic situation!

  2. My Dear Fellow Jews,
    With all due respect to whoever deserves it, I am appalled by the above news report.
    It is beyond me, that someone would have the the nerve to report, with pictures, and all foul details, the sheer embarrassment of an unhealthy mentally ill – one of our own!
    Can’t help wondering, it this woman was the sister of the reporter, would it still be reported?
    This poor woman has close family. Shouldn’t we be treating this story the same way we wanted it to treated had it been our own close relative?

  3. If she has a mental backround why was she allowed to keep the baby?
    There was no judge here to say “i take responsibility”
    So who is responsible for allowing the mental mom to keep her baby?

  4. nebach. another lesson for those protesting in such cases. the noted rabbis who called the frum talmid chacham doctor a nazi when he diagnosed the Munchausen case have yet to call to apologize. last weeks demonstrators should say the Tefillah for the Medinah an extra time this week. hallel with a beracha may be necessary as well.

  5. @yossellegoylem – Of course YWN should publish this! 1000000%!

    After the animals in Yerushalayim burned the streets down over Pesach, inconveniencing hundreds of thousands on Erev Yom Tov, causing gridlock, destroying property, spitting at female police officers, calling police officers Nazi – yes YWN is doing Klal Yisroel a great service by showing everyone what exactly they were protesting about.

    What a farce.

    Once again, these behaimos will never apologize.

    Disgusting subhumans.

  6. Too much information. Seeing how some people study these articles and reports, and then post their comments, saying too much is a risk. I just wait for some of the duller blades in the drawer to begin analyzing the intention of the Shechinah, and reaching a conclusion that there is somehow merit to her behavior. This can be stretched farther to accuse the doctors of mishandling the mother and the deceased baby, etc. Sounds bizarre to me, but not beyond the level of some commenters on this site and others.

    It would have been enough to say that the child’s death was homicide, and that the mother was found to be mentally ill, which was somehow related to the event of the murder. More info is not useful.

    Tragedies do not need to be reported in glowing detail to rivet the readership. Let the MSM do that. It is inappropriate for our media.

  7. people that did not lean the halachos of autopsy should just keep in mind סיג לחכמה שתיקה. and all those that scream a whole day and night חילל השם at the yidden from ירושלים you seem to be very judgmental with very little knowledge. you should keep in mind that everybody in there place and situation have different ways of functioning for there survival. you relay have to study that to understand there unique situation before having an opinion on them and there actions. and if you rely on others to make up your mind in this subject. you should at-least have respect for other opinions in this matter and know that there many others that that feel this is the only language they have to get through with there authority.

  8. An unfortunate murder doesn’t justify an autopsy unless a Rav approves. Protestors may still have been wrong in their methods but if autopsy is not justified according to halacha they have every right/ obligation to to do whatever they can to stop it.

  9. @aregee – #IdiotAlert!!!

    Not according to most Poskim like Rav Bick and many, many, MANY others. When someone is murdered an autopsey is not only permitted, it is requitred.

    “Yiddish blut iz nisht hefker” – Rav Biick

  10. To add to ML Weiss comment, authorities in the US are more sensitive to these issues than the chilonim in Israel. A respected R’y in EY once had a situation where they did not want to release a body he threatened to send several thousand talmidim to protest, magically they gave in. Sometimes this is the only language they understand unfortunately

  11. Let’s not confuse issues here. When here the mother admitted she killed the baby why was there any need for an autopsy? As she has been ruled to be insane and will not stand trial, there is no legal difference if the baby was strangled or drowned. According to this report and others, the police were sure from the outset that this was not an accident but a killing. If they wanted to wait until they had a confession, they could have delayed the levoya, but an autopsy was not warranted.

    The autopsy was ossur and was being fought for on no halachic basis, so what is the problem with the protests? That is the way things are done in Israel. If you act like a gentleman, you and your halachic rights simply get trampled on. It is us or them.

  12. What on earth does the autopsy have with this story? A previous YWN article admitted that the results of the autopsy were “inconclusive.” The poor child was cut without justification. The CT had already shown that he drowned.
    Please bear in mind that the Torah states that a worm in a dead body is felt as a piercing – horrific to think of the suffering caused by autopsy.
    And it’s also important to note that known side effects of taking anti-depressant drugs are “suicidal and homicidal ideation.” There have been similar tragic cases in the past caused not by “disease” but by the drugs themselves. The FDA admits this and mandates a “black box” warning on the product insert, which means that there are literally thousands of such cases, otherwise you better believe that they would keep it under wraps.

  13. Theo, are you guessing that the autopsy was assur? or are you certain about that???
    mlweiss said “you seem to be very judgmental with very little knowledge. you should keep in mind that everybody in there place and situation have different ways of functioning for there survival. you relay have to study that to understand there unique situation before having an opinion on them and there actions” Are you saying that if we believe people are acting like beheimos and making a chilul hashem we should just remain silent!

  14. Assuming she has a mental backround as her family openly admits,why was she allowed to keep the baby?
    The family should’ve intervened and not allowrd her to keep the baby.
    There was no judge here like in the n.y. engaged couple who died in a horrific car accident to say “i take responsibility”
    So who is responsible for allowing this mental mom to keep her baby?
    Is the family taking responsibility for it? I doubt anyone is. This could’ve been prevented so easily.

  15. to YTV365
    if you call others jew “people are acting like beheimos” says allot about you but to the point if you are very concerned about hashams name and claiming if they are “making a chilul hashem” and how can “we should just remain silent!!” are you expecting they should just remain silent! on what they see as chilul hashem plus a war against there torah and it’s observers.

  16. @Yehuda26- this woman didn’t commit suicide out of depression. This is psychosis, and needs to be treated with antipsychotics. Agav, when SSRIs were introduced, levels of suicide decreased dramatically. When conspiracy theories began to circulate about SSRIs causing suicide, people stop taking SSRIs and suicide rates increase. The black box label is to cover them from lawsuits related to a real phenomenon. When people are really really depressed, and they can’t do anything, sometimes not even commit suicide, and then they start taking an SSRI, so they actually get more energy, but they’re still feeling awful, but good enough to- lets say- to think more creatively and can even start planning a suicide. That’s why ideation increases, and taka that means some people are at increased risk at that stage and have to be monitored in those initial weeks of therapy. But forget your conspiracy theories about SSRIs; again, she’s psychotic.

  17. T22T:

    Let’s share something about the field of psychology. It formed itself as there was a growing quest to understand human behavior enough to be able to predict it. While the field is founded on foundations of scientific research, it is still a soft science. As much as is known, there is still a universe of information that is not known. And the ability to predict behavior is still very limited.

    Now let’s see what this means to someone with a mental illness. Certain conditions are full of unpredictability. One might not know whether the patient or sufferer is likely to act out, whether to harm self, others, or property. One cannot know when they will experience hallucinations, hear voices, or experience extreme fears. The family might have never seen the mother of this baby do anything uncaring. They may have observed her behaving as a loving mother, feeding, changing, bathing, etc., with no basis other than a diagnostic label to suspect anything. And many people who are quite psychiatrically ill do not do dangerous things.

    Hindsight is 20-20. “It could have been prevented.” But the best judgment at the time might have also not been to take away the child. If you’re looking for someone to blame, throw in the towel. I would not expect anyone to be able to be the target of blame here. Tragedies happen, and we need to accept them, learn from them whatever we can, be grateful for all that is normal and good, and continue living as HKB”H wants us to.


    Murder is against Halacha.

    Dropping a Dead body in a Hot Tub to cover up a Crime is not Kovod Mais.

    Civilized Societies have Laws that Jews must follow- that’s what Torah is, a Set of Laws for behavior and treating others.

    It is Against Halacha Diyuraisah to desecrate Torah’s Honor by attacking Bus Drivers, Buses, Harrassing People in Traffic, Rioting and Shouting In Gutters like Slum Hoodlums.

    If you are angry at “government”, don’t take your anger out on other Jews. Work out a solution or Leave

  19. When PELEG leave their Huge Shuls and Yeshivas and Shout Nazi at Zaka, Mogen Dovid Adom, Soldiers and cops, They are Insulting all Jews and All Holocaust Survivors and their Kids, and deminishing the horrors of the Nazi Atrocities. HOW DARE THEY! ARREST THEM!

  20. Do you realize the PELEG Rioters Attacked Zaka Chief who was Helping? That they Grabbed the Body like wild lunatics? That the Rioters think killing and Dropping a dead body into a Hot Tub is Yiddishkeit?

  21. All Yidden who turned a blind eye to this Scourge, this abomination called PELEG Rioting, now have to face that they grew like A terror group larger and more violent and vicious. This must Stop!!

  22. These PELEG Rioters keep repeating the LIE that “ There is a War Against Religious Jews and Torah Observance”. The Hypocrisy is that they say they won’t leave Study Halls to fight Wars, when The Ones Leaving Bais Medrash at War are the PELEG Rioters.


    The Only Ones Wasting Bittul Torah, defaming Torah, are those PELEG Leaving Bais Medrash and Rioting in Streets and Sitting In Jails.

  23. ironically, in Germany, ALL the PELEG Rioters Harassing and Shouting Nazi, would be ARRESTED. It’s illegal.

    In every Country where there is or was a Draft, Jews have Filed Exemptions. But in Israel PELEG Terrorists are Rioting in anger at having to follow the law and file Exemptions.

  24. but they do have a point im not saying that they are right but most of them are good yidden but there will always be the hotheads who take things out of control

  25. a/ “An AUTPOSY is prohibited no matter what the circumstances are!” Thats incorrect. And the Peleg rioters are a disgrace.
    b/ Her confession is useless on its on since she’s mentally ill. They have to confirm how the child died to make 100% certain it was her and her alone.
    c/ Why is she released on bail if she’s suspected of being so ill she could have murdered her own child.
    d/ To Lib re SSRI’s: nearly every mass shooter in the U.S. was on them and/or mixing them with alcohol and/or marijuana.

    Prayers for the neshama of that poor child.

  26. Anyone who believes these anonymous sourced attribution to the Zionist “detectives” clearly knows nothing about the police state and their history of lies.

  27. Joseph, while you stand with the mother who is (likely) a murderer, I will stand on the side with the police, detectives, and the care of a deceased infant whom you simply title as ‘Zionists’. If you have trouble on your next trip to Israel, I want you to call the mother of this infant for emergency help, since you don’t trust zionist police or detectives.

  28. this has nothing to do with Peleg. If they rioted or did other things of the sort then they share something in common but that is about it. Individuals or other groups have done these types of actions for yrs. Peleg movement is relatively new. Plus the protests here have no relation

  29. Give a break! By now you guys should know what the Zionist regime yemach shemam are capable of doing they probably forced her to go public and say she killed her baby ….who believes these stories wake up smell the coffee this happens over and over again why would you people want to stay naive your whole life !its time to wake up my friends