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Deri Convenes Urgent Meetings, Consultations As Efforts Toward Achdus Continue

Two things are certain regarding the Shas party and its leader, Aryeh Deri. Recent polls show Shas may be excluded from the next Knesset, as it continues to weaken among voters. What is also certain is that party leader Aryeh Deri continues efforts to unite the Sephardi camp, dealing with rabbonim as well as lay officials. While Deri continues exhibiting calm, he is well-aware that if he does not bring voters back, the party may find itself outside the next Knesset.

Deri in recent weeks has summoned persons close to him, sending the same message to all. He has met with his strategic advisors and continues trying to create solidarity among the rabbonim as well.

Shas officials insist in internal polls, it maintains six seats, which is only one less than its current seven. However, other polls all show a bleaker reality, some that exclude Shas from the next Knesset for not succeeding in obtaining the minimum four seats to enter parliament.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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