Head Of School Which Has 10 Students Killed In Flash-Floods Steps Down


The director of the Bnei Zion Mechina in Tel Aviv, Yuval Kahan, announced his resignation from the preparatory program on Wednesday, 17 Iyar in response to the fatal tragedy during a school trip last week, in which ten people were killed in a flash flood.

Kahan was arrested and released on bail by police and he may face criminal charges including causing deaths by negligence. He told the media, “I am broken and torn, I can never find words that can express my sorrow.”

“In the shadow of the disaster, trust in me cannot exist,” Kahn said frankly.

Police have already questioned Kahan, as well as other members of the school in an effort to understand how they permitted the school trip amid the knowledge of the severe flash flood warnings.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)