Police Recommend Charges Be Brought Against Madrich & Principal Of 10 Students Who Were Killed In Flash-Flooding


Police have finished their investigation into the drowning tragedy that struck the Jewish world on April 26th when 10 teenagers were killed while hiking in the Tzafit Stream on a school organized hike. With the investigation completed, the Police have recommended that charges be brought against the Madrich and Principal of the Bnei Tzion Academy. On Sunday, the case will be passed on to the office of the District Attorney of the Negev.

In the file, police have stated that they have compiled enough evidence to compel the two suspects to stand trial. The names of the suspects were published as: Aviv Berditchev who is suspected of the crime of murder, and Principal Yuval Kahan, who is suspected of  negligence leading to manslaughter. Kahan has since the tragedy resigned his position as principal of the academy.

The police investigation has lead to increased suspicion of the two suspects for their involvement and responsibility in planning the trip, and their decision to not change the date or course of the trip in spite of all the warnings that they received with regards to the danger. Another madricha who was involved in the trip was cleared of all suspicions during the investigation.

For all other parties involved in the planning and orchestration of the trip the did not find evidence enough to accuse them of criminal activity. With regards to the involvement of the relevant people in the Education and Security Ministries, the police will be leaving the rest of the investigation up to the office of the State Comptroller retired justice Yosef Shapira.

While the police have recommended that charges be pressed the final decision rests in the hands of the District Attorney.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)