Rescue Volunteers Watching Israel/Syria Border Closely


The world has watched closely this week, as tensions escalate between Iran and Israel. The IDF attacked multiple Iranian targets in Syria on Thursday, in one of the largest Israeli strikes on the region in decades. This was in response to 20 rockets which were fired at Israel from Syria the day before.


Some analysts have begun to predict a full-out war between Israel and Iran, to occur in Syria. As missiles fly in from the north, and threats continue from the South, military and emergency medical forces are on high alert.


ZAKA volunteers, who are often the first responders at the sites of terror and rocket attacks, are reportedly low on equipment. The organization has long relied on volunteers and charitable contributions. They have consequently been present at every major Israeli disaster in recent history, as well as international terror scenes.


ZAKA has begun an urgent fundraising campaign to acquire the following essentials: Emergency medical supplies, “chesed shel emet” supplies, emergency lighting for night-time rescue, rescue vehicles, and protective gear for volunteers.


When tensions rise in Israel, Jews the world over are often forced to watch on with a sense of powerlessness. ZAKA’s campaign, however, provides a concrete way to join the effort against Israel’s enemies.