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Airlines Ticket Prices Between Israel And EU May Get Cheaper

elal1.jpgIsrael and the European Union have signed a preliminary agreement that would ease restrictions on air travel between Israel and European Union states. The “memorandum of understanding” is part of negotiations between Israel and the European Union on an “open skies” agreement.
Israeli Transport Minister Shaul Mofaz, who recently met a European aviation delegation in Jerusalem, said the agreement will allow for additional airlines to compete on routes to Israel.

The agreement is expected to fully remove the aviation limitations currently in place between Israel and European Union states. The memorandum has no immediate affect on passengers flying to and from Israel, but if it indeed leads to a global aviation agreement, flight prices are expected to decrease.
The signing of the memorandum of understanding paves the way for the European Commission to receive a mandate from the EU’s council to start global negotiations with Israel, leading up to the removal of most of the existing obstacles to implementing an open skies policy with the EU.
Last month, Israel’s government agreed to pay 80 percent of Israeli flag carrier El Al’s security costs in return for dropping its exclusivity on routes.

(Source: EJP)

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