Deputy Minister Porush Comes Out Strongly Against Chareidi New Draft Law


Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush has come out strongly against accepting the government’s new draft law. Speaking on Tuesday, 29 Sivan, Porush warned the new arrangement changed the long-standing arrangement that existed over decades.

Porush’s remarks appear in the daily HaMevaser, “The outline of the law presented yesterday by the Defense Minister was prepared without the involvement of the chareidi representation of Yahadut Hatorah. The published recommendations reveal that they include wording that denies the Defense Minister the right to postpone military service for Bnei Torah when they do not meet their goals.

“As a result of this conclusion, we are not allowed to agree with the new outline, which changes a deep-rooted and fundamental convention over the decades, in which the army has allowed all Lomdei Torah whose Limud is their profession to receive a draft deferment.”

“The new outline covers 21 pages, including many new details to be studied and to learn from them the future implications regarding the continued arrangement of the yeshiva students’ status, and only after all the details have been clarified will we be able to present the whole picture before rabbonim and Moetzas Gedolei HaTorah and they will direct us how to act.”

The attached photo shows a chart with the annual induction goals believed to be contained in the new law for chareidim in both the military, and national service.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)