Hamas Fire More Than A Dozen Rockets At Israel Early Wednesday Morning


The Israeli military says more than 12 rockets have been launched from Gaza toward southern Israeli communities early Wednesday morning.

No one was wounded in the launches early Wednesday and the military says its Iron Dome defense system intercepted some of the rockets.

The barrage followed Israel’s targeting of a vehicle belonging to a Hamas terrorist involved in launching incendiary kites that have sparked fires in recent weeks. Dozens of fires were set Tuesday. The military says it also struck two Hamas observation posts. No one was wounded.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum says the Israeli strikes “required a quick response from the resistance.”

The recent flare-ups come amid nearly three months of intermittent Palestinian mass protests along the Gaza frontier.



  1. I wouldn’t call it war, but I would hope that IDF goes after every single site where Hamas gathers and engages in their evil activity. They need to stop worrying about protecting lives, like bombing only empty vehicles or buildings. They should also stop the practice of notifying them of an imminent attack. Just move the Gaza border inward into Gaza, taking some of the territory back. Don’t leave over sites where they build their weapons, train, or otherwise gather. Raze them to the ground. The terrorists that die in the process should be celebrated. To h*** with the UN.

  2. IDF strikes on empty buildings are good for internal PR, but do NOTHING to stop the terror attacks.

    We need to shut off the water, gas and electricity to Gaza until 1) they stop attacks and 2) pay damages. In the meanwhile, let them drink water out of a bottle and use batteries for electricity and lump it.