Yerushalayim: Chareidim Turn To The District Court To Compel Mayor Barkat’s Actions


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Jerusalem Councilman Yochanan Weizman (Gerre) on Wednesday morning 14 Tammuz, petitioned the Jerusalem District Court against Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, seeking to compel the mayor and the municipality to submit an official appeal to the National Planning and Building Council against the District Committee, which approved the Urban Planning Scheme (Taba) for cultural and recreational use of the Mitcham HaTachana compound, in contrast to the decisions of the city council.

This week (Sunday) an extraordinary council meeting was held, initiated by the chareidi representatives from all the factions during which the chareidi proposal, which obligates the Jerusalem municipality to appeal to the National Planning and Building Council against the plan of the station compound, was approved, which was already approved by the District Committee.

However, due to the municipality’s refusal to appeal to the National Council, the chareidi representative petitioned the court in order to compel Barkat to file the appeal.

The petition states, among other things, that “the (chareidi) petitioners did everything in their power to prevent the submission of the petition, but they cannot take any more. The mayor scorns the council’s decisions, with a clear statement to the protocol that he does not intend to comply with the council’s decisions.”

“This is not a one-time case regarding the conduct of the mayor regarding the station compound. While disregarding the bylaws, opening business, enforcing planning and building laws, enforcing construction offenses, and creating special autonomy for the Mitcham HaTachana station compound in Jerusalem” .

The petitioners accuse the mayor of using the full weight of his office to defy the council’s decisions and protecting the interests of the public for his own political considerations. They insist the mayor is bound to carryout and comply with council decisions and he is not free to do as he pleases.

Kikar Shabbos News adds the filing of the petition costs at least NIS 15,000 and the chareidim collected the money to cover the costs.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)