ATTENTION PETA: New Hamas Tactic – Bird Bomb Used On Monday


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Ministry of Parks and Nature personnel discovered a new threat to Israel’s skies on Monday, when they found that Hamas had tied an incendiary device onto the foot of a falcon and let the hawk fly over the fence that separates Israel from the Gaza Strip.

The bird was spotted close to the western side of the border fence near the HaB’Sor stream. A large number of animals and wildlife have been killed due to the blazes caused by the kite and balloon bombs. In this instance, terrorists inside the Gaza Strip, took a live animal and used it as a weapon in order to create fire inside Israel.

YWN can’t help but question: Will those same animal-rights activists, who are so worried about the use of chickens by Kapparos, and who stage protests condemning Kapparos – will we hear from them now? Or are those the same “activists” who join in all the anti-Israel protests chanting “Free Free Palestine”, and encourage the BDS Movement?

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. (Before I get attacked, et me preface my comment that it but “tongue-in-cheek!”)
    The comparison is ridiculous! The kaparos are just tortured for no reason whereas these birds are a most valuable aid in the war against the infidel. And what’s even more it won’t cost moe-ham-mad to provide 72 shmichiks!

  2. So because a nation of terror uses animals for terror means we should not care about tzar balley chaim on chickens etc?
    Many gedolim spoke and still continue to speak about the blatant TBC which goes in many kaparos centers through out the world.

  3. The Rashba and the Ramban also say that kaparos is assur because it’s darkei emori. The Shu”a paskens like that lehalacha (siman 605) and says one should prevent this minhag. And in the BY he mentions that the Rashba and Ramban abolished the minhag from their cities. Additionally, in the original copy of Shu”a it was titled “minhag hakaparos, minhag Shel shtus hu”. So yeah, we gotta stop kaparos either way.

  4. רמ”א כתב בהגהה כי נוהגים בכפרות בכל
    מדינות אלו, ואין לשנות כי הוא מנהג ותיקין

    We Ashkenazim go by the רמ”א.

    Which Gedolim talk and continue to talk about the “blatant” TBC which goes on in many kaparos centers around the world? Sources please

  5. Yaapchik, some comments are unacceptable because they joke about topics that should not be joked about. Yours isn’t one of them.

  6. This story just goes to show once again how “yeshiva world site” enjoys promoting fake news and stupid assumptions.
    why on earth shld the gaza terrorist use an expensive Hawk with no guarantee of which direction it will fly especially when it is panicking ,schlepping a burning incendiary..
    What has happened is , the hawk either attacked the kite (thinking it was something to eat ) as hawks are birds of prey – or it got tangled in the kite during its flight or even after it landed. FAKE NEWS !!

  7. May G-d bring peace to Holy Land.
    May G-d rescue the innocent and wild birds from hands of evil.
    Wake up groups of wild birds’ rescuers, wake up Green Party, …..
    May we see or hear no more evil like this, but we will see rebuilding of Holy Temple in future soon as we observe 9 day’s of AV and TishBAv.

  8. Yaapchik, sure. I’m not saying he doesn’t have on what to be somech on. There were many in the times of the geonim and also other rishonim that say to do kaparos. For the reason of darkei emori my family’s minhag always was to only use money. But I know even sefardim are noheg to use chickens, as Rav ovadia says that that’s a minhag which was there before shu”a and it has what to be somech on. I’m just saying I personally agree with the Ramban, Rashba, and the shu”a and they were all obviously much greater than Reb Chaim. Not to belittle one the gedolim c”v, just saying that nothing I wrote in my previous comment was belittling of the minhag. Just facts quoted from sources.

  9. Mr Yaapchik, am I #5? I think? Sure no problem, pass it on to R. Chaim, I doubt he will read it. He has far better things to do. Anyway I think you misunderstood my comment. I’m all for kaparos with chickens and have been doing it all the years, not that it needs my haskama.

  10. Beisyosef, I stand corrected! You are the ‘machria’ of the inyan. Whatever your opinion is that’s what we all will follow! I’m sure that the Ramban and the Rashba are ecstatic that they have your vote! They likely were feeling unhappy in GanEden just waiting for you to give your haskama to their shita! On their behalf,THANKS!