Jerusalem: Party’s Over As City To Begin Collecting For Parking On The Lot On Dfus Street In Givat Shaul


The Jerusalem Municipality will, in the near future, begin collecting a fee for parking on the now-free lot situated on Dfus Street in Givat Shaul, near Berman Bakery.

The lot, which holds about 250 vehicles, has become a favorite free parking area for many, especially for employees of Berman’s Bakery. In fact, bakery employees have filed protest with the city, but the city is not going to pass up on the revenue this site will bring in, MyNet reports. The fee for parking will be NIS 5.70 hourly, or NIS 17.10 daily. Anyone holding a Yerushalmi card will receive a 20% discount.

The bakery employees some 600 people, working three shifts, and according to one worker, Dudu, who has been with Berman’s for 17 years, about 70% of employees arrive by car and most are not paid enough to be able to afford paid parking. Jerusalem mayor candidate MK Rachel Azariya commented, telling MyNet this is a problem, citing there is a major issue with infrastructure in the city, but something must be done to accommodate the bakery’s employees. She did not make any suggestions.

The city explains the demand to make the lot paid parking comes from Israel Police, with the latter explaining there are too many fights over parking in the lot and too many vehicles are blocked as a result of the lack of order since no one is watching over the parking.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. No reason why this parking lot should be free while all the street parking costs money. I have a suggestion to accommodate the bakery’s employees: the Berman workers can come by bus. There are many excellent frequent bus routes on Rehov Beit Defus and the parallel street, Rehov Givat Shaul. Why should the Berman workers be able to park for free? Those who work a night shift will not have to pay as paid parking in Jerusalem operates only during the daytime.