VIDEO: Hisorarus Candidate Berkowitz: Yossi Deutsch Only Represents Chareidim



The Hisorarus candidate in the Jerusalem mayoral race, Ofir Berkowitz, is viewed a major player in the municipal election. Berkowitz enjoys support from the secular camp of course, but also among more than a small number of traditional, religious and even chareidi voters.

In the accompanying video, Berkowitz explains candidates Ze’ev Elkin and Moshe Leon have been working tenaciously to cut a deal with the chareidim.

However, the secretariat of Agudas Yisrael this week has given the green light to chareidi Deputy Mayor Yossi Deutsch to enter the race. This, according to Berkowitz, renders both Elkin and Leon as being “insignificant”, explaining they haven’t a chance of obtaining widespread chareidi support against Deutsch.

He makes a point of stating he works with Deutsch in Jerusalem City Hall, having nothing but words of praise for his character and abilities, but stresses he, Deutsch, is only concerned with his constituents, namely the chareidi tzibur.

He adds, “The time of deal-making has come to an end. Hence, there are two candidates in the race, Deutsch and I”.

Berkowitz does not seem to feel that Elkin’s securing the endorsement of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will help him to get elected.

He calls on the other candidates, mentioning MK Rachel Azariya and Avi Solomon by name, to unite behind him to “maintain everyone’s Jerusalem” as he states explicitly that Deutsch is sectoral, and will only concern himself with the chareidi tzibur, while he will concern himself with all of the residents of the capital if elected.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)