Five Jewish Youths Attacked by Arabs Near Kever Shimon HaTzaddik


Five Jewish youths were attacked by Arabs near Kever Shimon HaTzaddik in the eastern capital on motzei Shabbos as they were leaving the site. They were targeted with rocks and assaulted.

Surprisingly, the victims were detained for questioning by police, Honenu reports, and not any of the attackers.

Attorney Moshe Polski of the Honenu, who is assisting the detainees, stated, “This is disgraceful conduct by the police. A number of young Jews are attacked with stones in a hostile area and the police instead of acting against Arab rioters, they detain the victims. The easiest, most comfortable and the most unjust.”

He added in the early Sunday morning update, “It is not yet known whether the young men will be arrested and will remain in custody”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)