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VIDEO & PHOTOS: Rubashkin’s Travels to Eretz Yisrael in First Trip Out Of USA Since His Release From Prison


Eight months after his surprising release from prison on Zos Chanukah 5778, another restriction was removed from R’ Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin. He received his passport back and for the first time since his release, eight years after entering the prison gates, he arrived in Eretz Yisrael on Thursday.

During his visit to Israel, Rubashkin will of course visit the Kosel, where he will once again thank HK”BH for the miracle, his release from incarceration.

President Trump ordered the release, following enormous pressure and efforts from various leaders, legislators, and activists from across the political spectrum. After his release thousands of Chareidim took to the streets around the world to dance, and the world media was exposed to the achdus of Klal Yisrael.

Rubashkin, 57, the father of 10 and a Chabad Chossid, ran the world’s largest kosher slaughterhouse in the town of Postville, Iowa. On May 12, 2008, hundreds of police officers raided his factory in search of foreign workers employed illegally. In 2009, he was convicted of bank fraud and sentenced thereafter to 27 years in prison.

B’chasdei Hashem, Reb Shalom used his time in prison to strengthen his bitachon and eight years after being robbed of his freedom, he was suddenly released. Now, for the first time in many years, he merits visiting Eretz Yisrael.

Benching Gomel in Eretz Yisrael

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

22 Responses

  1. Reb Sholom Mordechai was Zocheh to see Yad Hashem openly. A real Nes that has taken place in our days. This itself is reason to make him into a celebrity. He gave a huge boost of Emunah to the world when he was released from “the place called prison”. There wasn’t a Yid in the world that didn’t smile when he heard that “Reb Sholom Mordechai was coming home”. May i take this opportunity to thank Reb Sholom Mordechai and his immediate Family, the Rubaskins, and his wider family the Family of Chabad Lubavitch world wide for the Chizuk they gave every single Yid around the world.

  2. Don’t worry, if you were in jail for 8 yrs and had a tremendous amount of emuna and bitachon and kept being besimcha and being mechazek those who came to be mechazek you, YOU can also become a frum celebrity today!!!
    Was i clear?

  3. Because his sentence never fit the crime he was found guilty of,after all their original suspicions of him proved baseless.And because if u listen to him and his wife speak about their ordeal u will be amazed and awed at this living example of pure emunah and bitachon in our contemporary times! Like the stories we read our children from a bygone era of simple faith in Hakodesh boruchu no matter how difficult things get!

  4. May Jonathan Pollard also merit BE’H to speedily get to Israel and to the Kossel.
    President Trump:- You are the Greatest president we have ever had”- We love you President Trump!!

  5. 1 is Hashem Echad!

    The celeb status, you ask about? If you languished in jail for that long and when you get out you inspire so many people and are mechaazek the world at large with infusion of Emuna and Bitachon like he did, you’ll also be celebrated! Remember, he had no knowledge when he’s getting out and still he held on so tight and without wavering even a drop!

    C’mon, you know that all! Fargin the guy!

  6. He’s being idolized for some reason.
    I have a feeling i know who is behind it. One thing forsure, its not with the best intentions.

  7. Rubashkin wasn’t “robbed of his freedom”. He was convicted of 87 separate felonies. People usually go to prison for such improprieties. Making a pidyun shvui’im issue for this chevraman is simply beyond the pale. He acted criminally, and was fortunate to receive an early release. “Robbed of his freedom”, indeed. Having fathered ten children and being a Chabad chossid has nothing to do with anything.

  8. 1…. Its actually quite simple.

    Had he not been Jewish his case would probably not have happened at all. And even if yes he would have got 12 months 2 years?
    So he is in prison for what was likely to be for life or near enough solely because he was a YId. So far understood?
    His position unites Klal Yisroel like few other matters if any over along period of time. We have Litvish Chassidish Sefardish, modern orthodos and yes Goyim too, all speaking as one, davening raising money being busy.
    We are given permission to read some of his letters to his family, the emunah is amazing a lesson to us all.

    And then he gets released! Miracle of miracles. By a man who NO-ONE in our community expected to get into the white house.

    Which part of the above dont you get?

  9. etzhar: No, I don’t understand your points at all. Do you believe we’re living in Russia under a Jew-hating czar, and that Rubashkin was only imprisoned because he was a Jew? Life must be tough for you, living in a perpetual delusion. Do you check under your bed for Jew killers every night? You really need professional help.

  10. given all who are also celebrated, why any questions about a scion of a family that ke’ain ayin ha’rah has multiple convicted felons in their heilege mishpocho.

  11. Any one of you who express baseless hater toward Rubbishing should examine if you really have Jewish neshamah. Only mamzerim or erav-rav would buy corrupt anti-Jewish government version about Rubashkin.

  12. I followed the Rubashkin trial closely. His conviction was appropriate, but his sentence – 27 years – was disgraceful. The clemency/pardon that Trump gave Rubashkin is the one thing I can think of that Trump got right (albeit for the wrong reasons).

    I think the reason for Rubashkin’s brutal and excessive sentence was the political influence of a labor union that objected to his non-union shop. He was suspected of hiring many illegal immigrants and was suspected – but not tried or convicted – of serious labor law violations. I would like to know why he received the extraordinary sentence for his bank fraud convictions, and I think it was because he stepped on some labor organizers’ toes.

  13. Yes it’s good that he’s out of jail. It’s not like a dreyfus affair case. It was about labor law violations. Maybe the lesson is that Jews should respect their authorities. Throwing the anti-Semitism card does a great disservice to Jews who don’t play that game.

  14. arizona, which words do you need to be translated to English: mamzer or erav-rav?

  15. To arizona,
    I’ll answer for MoisheinGolus
    neshama= soul
    mamzerim= child of a forbidden marriage
    erav rav= egyptians who came out of egypt by the exodus
    rubashkin= the baal emunah ubitachon who we are all talking about

    gut shabbos!!

  16. Arizona
    Notwithstanding your hysterical rant against me and my state of mind, I repeat that I believe (as do others) that in this case it was based on and aggravated by anti semitism.
    I was not saying that everything that happens in the legal system in US that is the case. It is a Malchus shel Cessed after all.
    In this case there were moves in the area to get the Jews out of Postville. There were anti shechita moves by Peta and others and there was an obnoxious judge who is alleged to have been in on the planning of the raid.
    The prosecution could have allowed The Rubashkins to continue their involvement in Agri which would have reduced the loss to the Bank considerably perhaps to nil and so on and on.
    No I dont check under my bed every night for Jew killers, but I dont live and work in a hostile environment.
    So please calm down and listen to someone else’s legitimate concerns and opinions.

  17. Ten kids, he’s not working but doing his world tour. Of course the donations are pouring in. 87 separate felonies forgotten.

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