PHOTOS: Rubashkin Thanks President Trump For Release From Prison, At U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem


Continuing on his first trip to Israel after President Donald Trump ordered his release from prison last year, R’ Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin visited the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

Rubashkin used the opportunity to once again publicly show his Hakaros Hatov to Trump for the monumental decision.

Rubashkin has also visited many Admorim and Roshei Yeshiva to thank them for their work towards his release and of course, their Tefillos.

WATCH: R' Shalom Mordechai #Rubashkin visits a cheder in Yerushalayim

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  1. And still no remorse or visible means of support. I’m sure he’s not paying his restitution as ordered (that wasn’t nullified upon his release).

  2. I’m struggling to understand the fascination everyone seems to have around Rubashkin. Yes, I’m glad he’s out of prison, yes, it’s great that he can spend time with his family and yes he seems like a very nice guy.

    But why do I care what he’s doing in Israel or what Rebbi he’s meeting with? Oh, and when did he become an authority on cell phone use or anything else for that matter? Why don’t you cover Moisha Pipik while you’re at it?

  3. watching the video of the young bochurim and the demonstrations by peleg all is clear. if this is chinuch, smr is no doubt a saint, hashem yerachem

  4. By idolising rubashkin ,all your doing is making it harder for other yiddin who are currently lock up and for yiddin in general . Genig shoyn!

  5. @Amil Zola

    You basically stated everything that is wrong with you in your post, so I don’t need to add much there.

    My question is, why are you so depressed? If you were a bit happier and more positive you’d have a much happier life.

  6. To “lost in lakewood”
    Your so lost in the lakewood corruption that it literally convinced you what is traif is kosher and whats kosher is traif.
    Go take a break out of lakewood for a bit. Its whole nother world out there.

  7. Disagreement isn’t hate. Don’t project.

    Rationally I have no problem with his early release. I did articulate the problem I have with him and his never ending tour.

  8. Once again mamzerim and erav-rav can not help themselves. as soon as they see positive stories about Rubashkin they raise their hateful voices.

  9. You know, not to distract from this topic, but why must adults use name calling to promote their POV??? I attempt to address issues as an adult and not the personalities of posters. Without knowing the posters here in the RW I would be in no position to guesstimate their diagnosis or pathology. I won’t engage with name callers. If you think I’m hateful tell me why. Don’t just knock me because I made accurate statements, the man is without visible income and since I just checked this afternoon, no payments have been made on his restitution. He has expressed no remorse. Please refute these statements with evidence as an adult, not with childish name calling and uninformed opinions of people you don’t know.
    Now back to your usual programing.

  10. Rubashkin isn’t being idolized. For those of us who davened & gave support, for years, for SMR’s release from prison – it gives us a lot of ‘nachas’ to see him living his life as a free man.

  11. AMIL ZOLA: SM Rubashkin unfairly lost millions of honestly earned dollars because of proven unlegal government activity against him. He was NOT let out early!! He was unfairly imprisoned way more than the law allows. He has not yet been refunded the money owed to him by the government. The judge who went against the law will soon be sitting in jail. There is very strong documented proof against her and the others involved. I understand that you as a non Jew think we are biased. That is not the case! Look with fair eyes and you will see the opposite. Thanks!

  12. michael2, do not waste your time with Amil Zola. jerks like him are too eager to assume the worst about our people, no arguments will penetrate their minds.