Jerusalem: School for Special Education Children Move Due to Imminent Threat of Building Collapse


The Jerusalem Municipality has announced that the Tiferes Banim Talmud Torah will be allocated a different building due to the dangers that are inherent to the building where the school currently resides. The building was under threat of collapse due to nearby construction taking place. The students will learn in the new transitory building for the coming month until another permanent and safe building can be obtained for the school.

The school boasts being the only Yiddish speaking school for special education children in the city.

The principal of the school sent a letter to the city notifying them that all studies would be suspended and that the staff would go on strike until the students received a safe building to study in. More than a week of studies have been missed following the date of when the year was supposed to open. Following the week long strike, the city found an alternate building for the students in the Ein Kerem neighborhood.

According to the agreement reached between the school and the city, the new permanent building will be made ready for the students in the Har Nof neighborhood after the holidays are over.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)