President Rivlin: The Nationality Law Is Bad For Israel


President Reuven Rivlin has once again decided to speak out against the Nationality Law. On Wednesday, 25 Elul, in an interview with Yoaz Hendel, Mr. Rivlin attacked the administration for passing the Nationality Law, Ynet is reporting.

“Let’s think about the day when, through this law, we will define and classify citizens,” said President Rivlin. “The law is part of a wider trend, perhaps global, that strives to silence the debate, which seeks a reality in which there are two possibilities – either you are with me or you are against me, or you are with me or you are a traitor, an enemy, whether you are a leftist or a president.”

This is not the first time that the president has expressed his negative opinion of the Nationality Law. Even before the law was finally passed by the Knesset, Rivlin asked the prime minister to change the clause allowing communal communities not to accept non-Jewish citizens.

Rivlin claimed at the time: “I fear that the broad manner in which this article was formulated, without balances, could harm the Jewish people, the Jews throughout the world and the State of Israel, and could even be used as a weapon by our enemies.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)