MK Maklev’s Bill To Remove Liability For Food Donated To The Needy


MK (Yahadut Hatorah) Uri Maklev is seeking to reduce food waste in Israel as well as to encourage more food to be recycled to assist the many in need. As such, he is introducing a bill to remove legal liability for food donated to the needy, hoping this will encourage more organizations to donate rather than to dump food that is not used.

Maklev is aware that a great deal of food that is quite edible is being thrown out instead of being passed along to those in need because potential donors fear legal liability in the event one takes ill from the food. This is the case regarding the Knesset and hotels for example, which could supply a large amount of food daily but do not due to the legal and bureaucratic realities that exist. Caterers are another potential source of large food donations if the bill is passed into law.

Maklev explains that today, organizations donate 1765 meals daily despite the possibility of a lawsuit and he remains confident that number will double at least if the fear of lawsuits is removed.

Maklev is working hard to have the bill ready for the next Knesset, confident it will pass into law.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)