ISRAEL ELECTION DRAMA: Degel Hatorah/Shas Candidate in Elad Has Been DISQUALIFIED


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Just weeks before the municipal elections in Israel, a major election has been thrown into turmoil.

A court has just ruled that Yitzchak Pindrus, the Degel Hatorah/Shas candidate for Mayor of Elad, is ineligible in the election.

This is a victory for the Peleg, who openly claimed they were behind making sure Pindrus would be disqualified. YWN previously published an article in which the Peleg described how they hired a private detective to discover that Pindrus does not really live in the Elad, and actually spends the majority of his daily life in Yerushalayim and not the Chareidi city.

Pindrus is a member of the regional council in Jerusalem and even serves as the Deputy Mayor. He has not yet given up that job and he conducts his day-to-day life there, thus not adhering to rule 7 section 3 of the electoral legislation stating that the candidate for mayor needs to reside in the city for which he runs for office.



  1. Peleg are the kings of law skirting and they have the gall to point fingers?
    I guarentee u peleg will suffer greatly because of thier outright hypocrisy.

  2. I am so happy!!! I have nothing personal against this man, on the contrary, I remember well what an outstanding mayor he was in Beitar. But I don’t understand the logic of taking a man that resides in a certain city and make him move over his address for tax/legal purposes even though it is really just a game (I, for example am listed on my paychecks under a NJ address even though I really live in NY), just so he can run against the current mayor who everyone agrees did a spectacular job in fixing up the ruines that the previous (sephardi) mayors left behind in El’ad, just because “it’s our turn now”. If you claim it’s your turn, ok, bring a good candidate living in El’ad and let’s see what he has to offer. But to go bring in an outsider just for the fun of it, without asking first what do the locals think of your idea??? Imagine someone from Omaha, Nebraska showing up by us in New York City 2 weeks before elections saying he is running for NYC mayor. He would make himself into a big joke. So I am glad the court removed this candidate. Once in a while Israeli courts actually do justice.

  3. Pesonal preferences aside, maybe Yeshiva World ought to re-examine what it considers acceptable speech when it comes to readers comments. The low level of vocabulary that the moderaters often allow is sometimes beyond appalling. The anonymity of the medium creates a sense among many commenters that they have license to use nearly any and every disgusting epithet or insult imaginable against anyone or any group that they personally oppose. So, for instance, personally I’m not a peleg supporter, but calling “them” (all?) “mamzerim” is waaaay out of line. We are not dealing with people who are advocating chilul Shabbos or tearing down YIddishkeit, or advancing some LGBT agenda, etc. I realize that many anti-peleg folks think that they are just as bad — but that is part of the problem. If you think that the dangers posed by Peleg are equivalent to that posed by Christian missionaries, or gay-rights advocates, something is really wrong. Some of it is surely caused by a certain “climate” created on YWN regarding certain issues, people, movements. When caustic articles incessantly appear on the website that always present certain people/groups/ideas in a negative light — this encourages commenters to continue the “bashing.” Peleg, NK, and others are making mistakes on some matters — hey, we all make mistakes; but they are not on the same level as reform or some anti-Torah movements that want to uproot Yiddishkeit altogether cv”s. Let’s keep our priorities — and our adjectives — correct and balanced. Pointing out an error in halacha or hashkafa is one thing. “Mamzerim” is quite anothere. A frum website like YWN bears great responsibility in this area. Another good reason to try keeping the news reporting as objective as possible. Save the emotion for op-ed articles (most newspapers/websites do this). This would go a long way in taming some of the outrageous language that some commenters occasionally use. Set a good example.

  4. Shuali – a victory for the rule of law. Pindrus is a skilled wheeler-dealer but this time he got caught out. He was a great Mayor in Beitar and has been a very good Deputy Mayor in Jerusalem where he now lives. He is not from Elad nor does he live there.