WATCH THIS: Farrakhan Visits Iran, Calls America “Great Satan”; Leads ‘Death to Israel, Death to America’ Chants

President Barack Obama smiling with the Minister of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, in 2005

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‘Nation of Islam’ leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious anti-Semite who recently compared Jewish people to termites, led a “Death to America” chant Sunday during a solidarity trip to Iran.

Farrakhan’s trip came ahead of the Trump administration’s re-implementation of U.S. sanctions against the Islamic Republic on Monday.

Speaking to law school students at the University of Tehran, the 85-year-old Farrakhan said “America has never been a democracy,” and also led a “Death to Israel” chant at the end of his talk, according to Iranian news agencies.

The Algemeiner cited the IRIB news outlet, whose report is available through Google Translate:

“He said that the United States and Israel are one of the most feared countries in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and if we do not resist them, we will leave nothing but death and destruction for our children.

Farrakhan stressed: Make a promise of self-striving to strengthen the interest of Muslims.

He then spoke the phrase “Death to America” ​​in Farsi, and a number of students also accompanied him.”

In a meeting with Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council, Mohsen Rezaei, Farrakhan said: “Today, I warn the American government that sanctioning Iran is a big mistake”. Farrakhan noted his belief America is conspiring against Iran, are seeking to create an internal enemy in Iran, and called them a “big liar”.

“I understand how the enemies have plotted against the Iranian people and I would like to stay alongside you to stop their plots,” he asserted.

Video of Farrakhan leading a “Death to America” chant once again sparked calls for widespread condemnation of the controversial figure. Several prominent Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, have interacted or taken pictures with Farrakhan.

L-R: Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson and former President Bill Clinton attend the funeral service for Aretha Franklin at Greater Grace Temple, Friday, Aug. 31, 2018, in Detroit.

Linda Sarsour, a Women’s March co-founder and pro-Palestinian activist, has repeatedly praised Farrakhan and refused to condemn him. Tamika Mallory, another Women’s March leader, called him the “GOAT” or “Greatest of all time,” and served as a national organizer for his “Justice or Else” rally in 2015.

(Nat Golden – YWN)


  1. **takes off shoes and hurls them, one after the other, in the direction of Louis Farrakhan. goes to closet. gathers all shoes from the household. systemically hurls all shoes from household in the direction of Louis Farrakhan until each shoe, expressing utmost contempt, has been hurled. twice.**

  2. Very critical to vote and note the democrats scream alot about trump but are silent for so long regarding fahrakhan and linda sarsour and mallary of tge “womens march”! On contrary see photo of obama and clinton with him!

  3. He should be barred from reentering! Let him live out his despicable life with his descendants of pigs, apes and termites. He’s not welcome here!

  4. Whats the point of running the Obama photo?? Shouldn’t you also run the Trumpkopf’s frequent retweets of racist and anti-semitic postings from white supremacists? At some point editorial discretion might be invoked to realize you’ve made the point that at one time, Obama stupidly associated with this jew-hater. Agreed and understood but its overdone IMO.

  5. Gadolhadorah, I’m going to ask you every time until you stop. Please stop using the phrase “Trumpkopf” as it comes off offensive towards Jews and those who survive the Holocaust. Thank you.

  6. Gadolhadorah, the water you carry fro Obama and Democrats is becoming heavier and heavier. Everybody her see how dumb you are no matter how hard you try to appear smart.

  7. Dear TGIshabbos
    Please try to ingnore the Gadolhaforah who does not know how to talk in respect regarding our president Trump. There are a lot of ignorant people outside and we could not correct the world till our true Moshiah comes.
    Bless youTGIshabbos for being so kind and patience in correcting your fellow brother or sister. By the way,
    Farakhan should stay in Iran, not in USA.
    Bye Farakhan and Bye Obama

  8. TGI…..I lost family in the Shoah so don’t lecture me about your faux sensitivities to the term “Trumpkopf” which has not connotations that are either disrepectful to yidden or the kadoshim who were niftar. The term is obviously meant as a constant reminder that we have a President who daily demeans the institution you claim to revere with his vile, hateful and demeaning rhetoric and his either intentional or incredibly naive willingness to provide an echo chamber to white supremacists and racists.
    As to Obama, READ my post where I said he “STUPIDLY” associated with Farakahan, but what is the point of the constant repitition, unless of course, you run a side-by-side photo of Trump and the Nazis he praised from Charlottsivlle marching with their crosses and screaming at yidden

  9. Gadolhadorah, and I lost family too in Nazi Germany. If you are being offensive towards others, does the fact that you R’L lost someone allow you to using comparable phrases to Adolf Hitler?
    Indeed Obama stupidly associated with Farakahan, but it would be disrespectful and appear antisemitic and insulting if I called him Adolf Obama or Obamakopf. Why give any value or remembrance to Adolf Hitler? Has Trump shot a bullet through the head of children with their parents watching in line? (Is that the type of hate you are comparing Hitler to Trump?)

    For many here the generosity that Trump has shown towards traditional Torah values, the Jewish community, and Israel is praise worthy. It’s regardless what you think of him, comparing or using the linguistics of Adolf Hitler towards ANYONE is unacceptable.

  10. Gadolhadorah wants us to believe that:
    Trump is a real Nazi because he “praised from Charlottsivlle marching with their crosses and screaming at yidden”.
    Obama is just innocent mistaken individual because he ““STUPIDLY” posed with Farrakhan whom he invited into WH multiple times and who was a frequent guest in the racist church Obama attended for 20 years plus.
    In reality Trump was misquoted and taken out of contest, while Obama embraced Farrakhan who praised Hitler in the past and Obama knew that.
    Gadolhadorah is an embarrassment to this website forum.