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Police Findings In Tragic Accident That Killed The 8 Members Of The Atar Family

A Negev district police spokesman on Thursday, 7 Kislev, announced the investigation into the vehicular accident on Route 90 near the Dead Sea that claimed the lives of eight members of the Atar family of Psagot has concluded.

On 30.10, at around 12:30 PM, the Israel Police received a report on the report. On Route 90 in the Dead Sea Hotels area. This refers to the horrific accident which occurred on 21 Marcheshvan, claiming the lives of the eight members of the Atar family Z”L. Killed in the fire were Yariv (father – 45), Shoshi (mother – 47), Yaakov Yisroel (12), Ateres (11), Ayala (9), Moriah (7), Yedid (5) and Avigayil (3) all perished in the blaze.

Police announced a few days ago that they completed the probe, but it now appears there was a bit of work pending, which has not been concluded.

The driver who caused the accident, the 52-year-old resident of Givon, was originally arrest and has since been released with restrictions. His driver’s license was released as well.

During the course of the investigation, accident investigators from the Israel Police Negev district interviewed many witnesses and other involved parties, checked field visibility at the site of the head-on crash, both with and without the driver, as well as working with fire investigators.

Upon completion of the investigation, in which many resources were invested, a statement was made regarding the intention of the State Prosecutor’s Office to file an indictment against the driver. The indictment was scheduled to be filed on Thursday.

Israel Police Chief Superintendent Chaim Riva said, “Following the conclusion of the investigation by the road accident examiners of the Negev Region in the Southern District, findings reveal the fatal road accident of October 30, 2018 on Road 90 occurred as a result of an trying to pass blindly.

“We call upon the public to use caution and restraint, and when one wishes to pass another vehicle, it must be ascertained that there is no doubt that the road is free and that there is no vehicle coming from the opposite direction in a way that would endanger human life.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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